FLOWlock and FLOWmulti: Tools and Features

You can make use of a variety of tools and features within FLOWlock and FLOWmulti. The tools and features may differ between FLOWlock and FLOWmulti but some functionalities are the same for both flow types.

This article covers the tools and features that are available within FLOWlock and FLOWmulti without the lockdown browser. Tools and features of the lockdown browser can be found here.

Tools Available Within Both FLOWlock and FLOWmulti

A toolbar at the top shows you the (1) current time, (2) any direct messages that have been sent by invigilators or managers and, (3) any added flow description.

FLOWlock & FLOWmulti Toolbar.jpg

Hide the Countdown Clock

You can decide to hide the countdown clock by clicking on the timer (see image below). We recommend to try out the demo flows in WISEflow to familiarise yourself with the tools and features in the lockdown browser.


Features of Either FLOWlock or FLOWmulti

FLOWlock FLOWmulti

FLOWlock Editor.png

1) Paper Information

Information on saved characters, including and excluding spaces, a word and page count will be displayed when clicking on this button.

Paper Information.png

2) Formatting Your Answer

In the toolbar you can design your text as you would with any normal text editor (e.g. Word). Design possibilities include: select text block types (e.g. Headline or Paragraph), insert tables, make lists, and disable/enable spellcheck and choose language (if allowed by manager).

3) Permitted Internet Resources

If allowed by the manager, you can view permitted internet resources during the exam. According to the settings set by the manager, you can access PDF-files from your computer's local storage and/or specific links to domains (e.g. "www.google.com"). When the lockdown browser is enabled, navigating to external links will lock you to the specific domain so that you cannot access embedded links on the page, only if they are within that domain.


4) Hide Your Paper

By clicking on Pause participation you can hide your responses from view.

FLOWlock-Pause participation.png

A non-transparent layer will appear on top of the writing field and the sidebar, information above the writing field will still be visible. By clicking on Resume participation your paper is revealed and you can continue working.

Resume participation.png

Your participation time will not be paused when using this functionality

5) Sidebar and Navigation
The sidebar contains a menu where you can navigate through the assignment, table of contents, appendix materials and revisions. Use the arrows to navigate between tools or click the Options button to select from a menu.

FLOWlock Options menu.png

The sidebar can be hidden from view by clicking on the button Hide sidebar which will automatically increase the writing field.

Hide sidebar.gif


Overview of available functionalities. Quickly navigate to the table of content, assignment, appendix material or revisions by clicking on the relevant section.

FLOWlock Overview.png

Table of Contents

A list of headings that have been used. Clicking on a heading will automatically bring you to the relevant section in your paper. 

FLOWlock Table of Contents.png


Preview a list of revisions each time your paper is saved to the WISEflow servers. By clicking on a specific revision in the list, you can preview your paper and revert to that revision if necessary.

FLOWlock Revisions.png


View the assignment added by the manager of the flow. Click the page to open a pop-up window or Open in a new tab.

Refer to the article Using the Assignment Viewer in FLOWlock for all functionalities to annotate PDF assignments in a new tab.


Appendix Materials

Appendix materials are handled with the appendix manager. Appendices can be inserted into the paper by double clicking the arrows.

For a guide to the appendix manager, see the article on using the appendix manager.

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