Direct Flow-Based Login

This login method is only available upon request for an additional charge. Please reach out to UNIwise if you wish to learn more about the module.

There are four potential ways in which a participant can be set up to log into WISEflow. This will depend on the method chosen by the hosting institution and more details can be found here.

One method is to allow a direct flow-based login allowing participants to login with a username and code and gaining access directly to the flow. This can benefit any institution wishing to avoid maintaining customer details within WISEflow, particularly if the engagement with the platform may be short term and for one assessment only for example, an entrance exam.

This login method is available to users who only have been allocated the participant role.

To select this method, the manager must enable the setting via All participation settings and select Enable Direct Flow Based Login. Once enabled, click Setup direct flow based login.

Generate credentials.jpg

  1. Unique URL for the flow: providing this to participants enables direct access to the designated flow following login.
  2. Copy the flow URL
  3. Generate credentials: generate unique login credentials for all participants (see below)
  4. Generate individual credentials: generate a unique login credential for an individual (see below)

Generate credentials.jpg

  1. Participant ID: Set the participant username to be the same as the participant ID
  2. Unique exam ID: Set the participant username to be the same as the unique exam ID
  3. Generate code: Set WISEflow to automatically generate the code by entering the desired character length of the code and selecting any combination of four criteria that can be used: lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols
  4. Enter code manually: Select this to manually enter a code; when generating credentials for the whole cohort, this code will be common to all participants
  5. Credentials example preview: Displays an example following the selection of code criteria
  6. Generate credentials: Click to generate credentials and populate the table


Export list.jpg

Once the table has been populated, click on Export list to export the table into a CSV making it easy to use in communications to participants.

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