An overview: WISEflow flow types

This is a short overview of the flow types available with WISEflow.

  • WISEflow offers exam modules called "flows".
  • Flows can be configured and combined to support the overall exam type.
  • Each flow defines the type of exam answers to be submitted and the security level 
  • Some flows can be set up for group exams
  • WISEflow support following exam types: Open book essay exam, portfolio exam involving multiple files/file types, closed book essay exams, open or closed book questionnaire-based tests and oral examination

When creating a new flow, choose from each of the available flow types. FLOWcombine and FLOWseries are available separately. Click here for more.












flowassign.png FLOWassign

This flow type is mainly used for course work or open-book examinations where the submission handed in is a PDF file. The main product can be paired with appendix material, where no specific file type is required. The manager can set the details of the exam and upload an assignment to be handed out to the participants.

The participants then upload their papers as PDF during the participation period set by the manager. Assessors assigned to the flow then review the papers handed in using the assessor tool and submit the assessments. When the assessment period ends, the assessments can be transferred to the respective student system.

Used for

  •  Open book assignments where the participants upload their response in PDF format directly from their own computer. 

flowhandin.png FLOWhandin

This flow type allows papers to be handed in in various digital formats. The participants can hand in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, audio and video files etc. When the participation period ends, the files are made available to the assessors to be downloaded and reviewed. The assessors can then submit assessments, which can be transferred to the respective student system when the assessment period ends.

Used for 

  • Open book assignments where the participants upload their hand-in as one or more files in various digital formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, audio and video files etc. 

flowlock.png FLOWlock

With FLOWlock, the participant’s computer is secured, allowing only the use of the FLOWlock Text Editor, preventing the use of aids during on-site exams. The participants write their assignment in the editor and upload it within the time frame (participation period) set by the manager. When the participation period ends, the assessors assigned to the flow review the hand-ins using the assessor tool and submit an assessment. After the assessment period ends, the assessments can be transferred to the respective student systems.

Used for

  •  Closed book on-site essay examinations without the use of aids. 

flowmulti.pngflowlockmulti.png FLOWmulti

This flow type is used for exams with multiple question types, including multiple-choice, math, interactive questions etc. The FLOWmulti assignment is created by an author in WISEflow where 50 types of different question type can be used in various combinations. The FLOWmulti assignment can contain both auto scored and manually scored questions.

The flow can be with or without the use of the lockdown browser depending on the type of exam.

After the end of the participation period, the assessors can see the number of points earned by each participant and assess their individual answers.

Further, the manager can decide to set up the flow with Points-based Assessment which means that each assessor can assess specific sections of the assignment. Also, the exam can be fully auto scored without any assessors involved.

Used for

  • Open book exam with multiple question types where the participants fill out the provided test.
  • Closed book exam with multiple question types where the participants fill out the provided test in a locked browser to ensure the use of no external aids. 

floworal.png FLOWoral

FLOWoral enables administrative support of oral exams. The manager can schedule the examinations over several days and distribute the participants as needed. The assessor can use the flow as the ordered list of participants and exam schedule. The assessor can take notes digitally, as the participant performs live at the exam (the notes can be shared with the participant afterwards). The assessor then submits an assessment that can be transferred to the respective student system when the assessment period ends.

Used for

  • Oral exams where participants are examined on-site.


FlowCombine.png FLOWcombine

FLOWcombine is a module that allows for the creation of a main flow and the subsequent addition of sub flows. FLOWcombine makes it easy for managers to add participant, assessors and additional managers to one flow and synchronise these between the main flow (source flow) and the subsequent flows. Furthermore, FLOWcombine allows the synchronisation between the flows to be configured to fit different processes and has useful features for controlling the main flow and sub flows from a central overview. Export is available from both main and sub flows. 

Used for

  • Combination of two or more different flow types.


FLOWseries is a WISEflow module for handling courses that consist of several educational activities that culminate in a final exam. The module allows you to set up a series of flows over a period of time and a custom set of requirements that the participants must fulfil to access the final flow. 

Used for

  • Handling a series of activities leading up to an exam.

flowattend.png FLOWattend 

FLOWattend is a module for the registration of participant turnout in class (and similar). The assessor can note digitally if the participant is present or absent in class and afterwards share the assessment with the participant. At the flow overview, the participant can see the start and end date for the flow and the shared assessment. It is not possible for the participant to hand in on a FLOWattend. FLOWattend is only available if FLOWseries is activated on the licence.

Used for

  • Registration of participant turnout


For users with the supporter role in WISEflow, the documentation page is available with very thorough descriptions of all the features available to all flow types and modules available with WISEflow. To access the documentation pages, go to the Supporter tab > "Documentation and start-up guides" > "Go to documentation".



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