Create and Publish an Assignment

What is an assignment?

Essentially, an assignment is a collection of items and is used to create a FLOWmulti test or exam. Each item can contain one or more questions, tools or text sections and the test score for an item consists of the accumulated score of all the questions in that item.

You can access your assignments and published assignments from the Authoring tab by going to Assignments (legacy).




  1. Access Content Bank
  2. Import / Export assignments
  3. Create a new assignment (see Create a New Assignment below for more information)
  4. List of created assignments
  5. List of published assignments (also see Publish an Assignment below for more information)
Create a New Assignment

To create a new assignment, click the + New assignment button on the assignment tab.


Enter the title. The description and tags are optional. And when all the information is added, click Next to proceed.


Choose between FLOWmulti assignment or File based assignment, and click Create.


The new assignment is now listed at the top of your assignment list, open and ready for you to add items or edit the assignment. You can add items to the assignment by pressing the + Add an item button and choosing whether to create a new standard MCQ, a custom question or choose an item from the content bank (for more information on the content bank, click here).


You can edit the title by clicking on the text to the right of the item number (1) or add more questions, text sections or tools to the item through the + Add content to the item  button (2). Read through this article to see which question types are available for use.


To preview the entire assignment (1), an item (2) or an individual question (3) click on the relevant eye icon. When previewing the entire assignment, you can also choose to preview it as it will be presented to the participant.


You can learn more about the options on configuring the assignment here.

Add Tools/Media to an Item

In assignments, it can sometimes be necessary to provide tools for the participants, so the assignment can take focus away from the need of doing simple tasks, to focus the participants on the critical parts they are being assessed in.


These tools can be put in items or directly into question texts. The tools and media available to put in items are the following:


  1. Simple Calculator: Provide a simple calculator to do basic calculations.
  2. Audio Player: Incorporate an audio player into the item, where the participant can replay a recording chosen by the author.
  3. Video Player: Embed a video player into the item, where participants can view a video uploaded by the author.
  4. Ruler: Provide a ruler that can be positioned freely in the item.
  5. Protractor: Provide a protractor that can be positioned freely in the item.
  6. Scientific Calculator: This calculator has access to more advanced mathematical calculations than the simple one.
  7. Formula: Enable participants to write down formulas for later use, and give them a better overview of the formulas they might be working with.
  8. Line Reader: Create a shadow around a single line in the item, so participants can focus on that single line of text or alike. This tool can be moved, so as to keep the focus while reading several lines.
Publish an Assignment

When the assignment is fully edited to your liking, with item(s), question(s), tools and/or media etc., you must click Publish before you or anybody else can use the assignment in a flow. A preview of the question will appear and you must approve it before it is published.


Publishing an assignment will make it appear below in the section for published assignments. From here you can find (1) the reference code that allows you to add the question to a flow, and by clicking the name of the assignment you will copy the reference code to your computers clipboard. Choose whether to keep the published activity private, share with individual authors or the whole license (2).


Attach a Published Assignment to a Flow

As a manager you can add the assignment to a FLOWmulti, by going to To be handed out and clicking + Add assignment. Here you add the reference code found in the Published assignments.


As an author, if you are associated with a flow by a manager, you can add an assignment yourself through the Associated flows tab. On the top, you can see the list of active flows you have been assigned to. By clicking on one, it will expand and you can now copy in the reference code of an assignment and attach. Alternatively, you can press the looking glass icon to search for an assignment and attach it.


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