Drawing random sections to your assignment (Rule-based)

The author tool in WISEflow allows the drawing of random questions as you create your assignment. This random drawing is controlled by a set of rules specified by the author before drawing.

When you've created your assignment (See articles: Author: Creating assignments (Video guide) or How to create and use an assignment in a flow) click Add section and choose the option From content bank.


This opens a pop-up, allowing you to add premade sections from the Content bank. On the default view, you can (1) search for tags or sections names, (2) add one or more of each or preview sections, (3) and change to the Rule-based tool.


In the example below, we'll try to randomly draw two sections (Generic question 1-3) from the filtered list seen in the picture above. Change to the Rule-based tool.



With the Rule-based tool, you first have to define the rules that govern the draw made by WISEflow. An overview of the options:

  1. Shows the current available sections in your content bank and the summed points these questions can produce. Notice that these may change according to the settings below (e.g. not including shared sections 5).
  2. Choose the number of sections you want to draw.
  3. Filter the draw according to tags. When adding tags, you have to choose the distribution of questions according to each tag below.
  4. Filter the draw according to section characteristics: amount of questions or points (intervals) og the maximum amount of points available.
  5. Filter the draw according to section status or origin: Shared from other authors or hidden.
  6. Generate the draw or reset the rules.
  7. Click the black bare to slide the rule options in and out of view, revealing the currently drawn list of sections.



As mentioned, in this example we want to draw two random sections. We have specified the tags docu1 and docu3 to allow us to filter and draw the correct sections from our content bank.

We specify that we want to draw 2 sections. Furthermore, we specify that the sections we draw from must include one of the two tags and that we want to draw one sections from each tag.

When the rules have been specified we click Generate to draw the questions (this slides the rule options to the left, revealing a list of the drawn questions).


As seen in the picture above, we've drawn one sections from docu3 and one from docu1. To "re-draw", click the black bar on the left side. This slides the rule options back into view. Here you can Regenerate the list. Notice that it is not possible to draw a section twice.

To import all the sections drawn to your assignment, click Import in the bottom right. 

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