Accessibility in WISEflow

Built-in functions and tools ensure that participants with disabilities can use WISEflow as exams tool. The tools available make it possible for the manager to help participants with special needs and disabilities.

In the following you will find an explanation for the functions and tools available in WISEflow.



  • The Mac version of LockDown Browser works with VoiceOver (the standard screen reader that comes with the Mac OS). LockDown Browser’s functions and security remain the same when VoiceOver is used. Be sure you are using LockDown Browser version or newer.
  • Other programs such as the program TorTalk and ClaroRead are used by some of our customers. These are not official recommended by Respondus.


  • The Windows version of LockDown Browser allows a student to use some screen reader accessibility programs, such as NVDA, JAWS, MS-Windows Narrator, ReadSpeaker webReader, and Windows-Eyes. In our experience, NVDA works the best. It is free and available to download here.

If a participant uses a different program than those mentioned above we suggest that you create a test flow for the participant to test the program on beforehand. As a manager you can also remove the lock down browser from a single participant on FLOWmulti if the desired program cannot run with the lock down browser.

Read more about accessibility and Respondus Lock Down browser here.

High contrast and color scheme 

When a participant is taking a FLOWmulti with the lock down browser it is possible to change the color of the background and foreground of the assignment. The participant can choose the option Accessibility.


It is possible to choose between various color combinations to improve the readability for users with usual impairments.


Zoom and font size

In lock down mode (FLOWmulti and FLOWlock) the participant can zoom and adjust the size of the text either by choosing the right percentage or using keyboard shortcuts.


The participant choose the option Accessibility and adjusts the size of fonts:


and/or zoom in and out using the following keyboard shortcuts:


The instructions for the shortcuts will adapt to the use of MacBook or Windows.


For zooming in FLOWlock please see our guide for zooming: FLOWlock: How to zoom in and out


Participants with dyslexia might need to use spellchecker in their assessment. In WISEflow the spell-checker is available for different languages and can be adjusted for each participant on the flow. The spell-checker is available in FLOWlock.


Individual arrangements

It is possible to set up the individual settings of participants to differ from the general settings on the flow.

  • Enable/disable spell-checker: If the spellcheck is enabled different language can be added to participants.
  • Remove lock down browser: Remove the lock down browser for a specific participant on a FLOWlock/FLOWmulti to allow them to use external programs.
  • External internet resources: It is possible to provide a participant with access to an external internet resource if necessary.


  • Extra time: It is possible to allocate extra time before, during and after the participation period.


Line reader

With line reader, it is possible to focus your eyes on a single part of a text, by having a black shaded box take up most of screen around a clear area you can read from.


The black shaded box can be manipulated by stretching and squeezing it to take up as much space as you want it to. The same goes for the box in the middle, in case you have a very large or small font that produces variable sizes of lines.

With this, your eyes can focus on one line at at time, while being able to move the line reader as you continue to read.

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