Accessibility in WISEflow

Built-in functions and tools ensure that participants with disabilities can use WISEflow as an exam tool. The tools available make it possible for the manager to help participants with special needs and disabilities.

In the following you will find an explanation for the functions and tools available in WISEflow and the lockdown browser.

Accessibility in WISEflow Accessibility in the Lockdown Browser

Based on a thorough report on the experience of the accessibility and usability of WISEflow, we have been working to enhance 6 areas with the October release 2021. The accessibility enhancements should provide a much better and accessible WISEflow today, but at the same time support our general compliance with the WCAG 2.1 AA standard and help us secure that WISEflow in the future gets even more accessible and inclusive for its users.

  1. Text alternatives to non-text content (screen reader support)


  2. Contrast Ratio (distinct visual appearance)


  3. Page titles (screen reader support and better distinction between browser tabs)


  4. Keyboard support (motorically impairment)


  5. Zoom and text size (visually impairment)


  6. Tooltip's appearance (keyboard accessible)


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