Updating Flow Information Using an SIS integration

Flow Synchronisation

All information synchronised from SIS e.g., dates, ECTS weight, term, assessment type, and participants should be changed in your SIS. This is to ensure a single point of truth and make future flow management much easier.


Always refer to the documentation on SIS integrations to find exactly what data is synchronised with WISEflow

Flows will be synchronised with SIS during the active states of the flow.

When synchronising, WISEflow will first iterate through the flow information:

Changing the participation dates in SIS and synchronising with WISEflow, will update the dates in WISEflow and apply any business logic e.g., changing the assessment period based on the participation period.

Another case could be if only the participation start date is supplied from SIS, then the business logic will automatically update the participation end date to match a predefined period. 

WISEflow will not only iterate through flow information but also update information on users attached to the flow. If a participant is updated with e.g., a new last name in your SIS, WISEflow will automatically update the participant to use the new name throughout WISEflow. 

WISEflow automatically synchronises flows where the end of the assessment period has not been reached, and it is done each night.

The below chart describes how WISEflow updates flow information from an SIS source:




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