Turnitin Integration

Turnitin is a plagiarism service integrated in WISEflow. The plagiarism service help assessors identify potential plagiarism in a submitted paper. When a participant has handed in an assignment, it is checked against the internet, the archive and a large database provided by Turnitin. The percentage of text recognized from external sources is displayed, including where in the assignment it is found, allowing the assessor to determine the origin of the text and if it has been cited correctly. This feature is available in FLOWassign and FLOWlock.

Accessing the Report

The text comparison (percentage) will be visible to external and internal assessors per default on the flow overview. The percentage appears in the participant list by each name and also in the assessor tool.


By clicking the percentage a new page will open, and the report is displayed. The report contains different information regarding the submitted paper.

Analysis overview

When opening the report, the first thing you are greeted by is the analysis overview.


  1. The first part represent the paper ID which can be used for our Paper lookup tool. The second part is the title of the report.
  2. Shows the report's content and on which part of the content there has been made a similarity match. The numbers indicate which match it has been referred to.
  3. Support symbol gives access to the Help, View tour and Display Paper ID (this is not the ID for our Paper lookup tool)
    • Help: Gives access to Turnitin’s knowledge base with articles to help answer your questions
    • View tour: Get a guided tour through the page shown above
    • Display Paper ID: Use this ID when contacting Turnitin support
  4. List of similarity sources that contains a link to the page and a displayed section of the match from the reports content.
  5. Settings can be used to exclude different similarity sources or similarity content from the report.
    • Exclude search repositories: Choose to exclude sources from the internet or submitted work.
    • Exclude from Similarity Report: Choose to exclude content like Bibliography, Quotes, Citations, or Small Matches. Small Matches can be filtered by any number of words of your choice.
  6. Flags look deeply at the document for any inconsistencies that would set it apart from a normal submission.


The majority of documents will not have Flags. Overall similarity shows the similarity percentage of the report.

For more information on how to read the similarity report read the article on Reading similarity reports.
Supporter Paper Look up Tool

As a supporter, you have access to a paper lookup tool, which can be used to find the owner of a handed in an assignment. This can be especially helpful when viewing the sources of a similarity report, where one of the sources is a previously handed in assignment from the same licence.


To use the Paper lookup tool, you click on the “Go to paper lookup” button, which will open a new page where you will be able to enter any paper ID you want and then all relevant information for this paper and its owner will be shown.


When you have acquired a paper ID, you will be able to view various information related to this paper.

  1. Search: This button will be available to click, as soon as you enter any number into the above search field.
  2. Reset: This button will clear the current search, and clear the view of whichever paper you were currently viewing.
  3. General information: This section contains information regarding the Flow where the paper was handed in on, as well as group information, should it be a group paper. An option to log in as the manager on the flow is also available here.
  4. Files: Here you will be able to see the handed in the material of the paper. This means the handed in assignment and appendix files will be available here. An option to preview the file is available by clicking on the eye or to download by clicking the download button next to the eye.
  5. Participants: This part contains information related to participants who handed in the paper. This list can contain multiple participants if it is a group paper. An option to log in as the participants directly on the flow is also available here.

Find the guide Supporter: Looking up papers from a paper ID in our knowledge base.

Participant information

All papers handed in on FLOWassign and FLOWlock will be sent to Turnitin service. This happens automatically two hours after the individual participant period ends unless the setting for text similarity has been disabled on the flow. The papers will be tested to see if they contain passages of text that also appear elsewhere (internet, library databases, papers handed in by others etc.).


Turnitin Credentials Needed for Integration

If you want a Turnitin integration with WISEflow, then all we need are the following credentials:

  • API key format: <32 characters length>
  • API URL format: https://<institution>.turnitin.com

Note: To help get the API URL contact your Turnitin Account manager who is able to locate it for you.

How to get the API key:


  1. Go to your Turnitin dashboard and choose Integrations
  2. Press the button Generate API Scope
  3. Type in a Scope Name for your integration (e.g., WISEflow) and press Next
  4. Type in a Key Name (e.g., WISEflow key) and press Create and View
  5. Copy your API key and save it somewhere safe
  6. Share the API key and API URL with UNIwise. Please share it securely, e.g., using a password manager, whisp.ly, or similar.
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