WISEflow integrates to GeoGebra which is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application. The WISEflow author has the option to explore the possibility of creating new FLOWmulti assignments with GeoGebra questions.

Our authoring tool includes question types where the author can include content created in GeoGebra as a question. This lets the author use the versatile and vast content from GeoGebra, all within a single question type.

The WISEflow author creates the question directly in the GeoGebra question editor. The author uses the different tools and features in GeoGebra to create an e.g mathematical question.

To create the GeoGebra content it is necessary to create an account on the Geogebra website.

When the activity in Geogebra has been created, all that is left is copy the shareable link from GeoGebra. This can be done by finding the activity on the profile and press the icon with 3 small dots next to the activity you want to use in WISEFlow.

When creating a question the authors has to choose the GeoGebra custom question type when choosing between the different question types in WISEflow.


When the GeoGebra question has been selected the author inserts the copied link in the field Material filename.


If everything was set up correctly, the author should now be able to preview the question, and in doing so, see that the correct answer in the input box will result in it giving points for writing the correct answer.


We recommend that authors have used GeoGebra before and are familiar with the functionality before using it in FLOWmulti exams. When creating a question the authors has to choose the GeoGebra custom question type when choosing between the different question types in WISEflow.

Disclaimer: GeoGebra question types go against WISEFlow policy, which is to not allow changes to a published assignment. As the published assignment containing a GeoGebra question only makes use of the link to the GeoGebra activity, any changes made in this activity in GeoGebra will change the published assignment as well. Please be aware of this if the published FLOWmulti assignment has already been added to a flow.

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