Microsoft Azure Login

Microsoft Azure is an authentication system that is available for WISEflow. It uses the Microsoft standard login. It is possible to combine this with other login methods.

Information About the Microsoft Login Method

Users can access Microsoft Login when logging in to WISEflow if it is activated on the WISEflow licence.


If users are already logged in to Microsoft, they will automatically be forwarded to WISEflow. Otherwise, users are asked for the user Id and password for their Microsoft account.


The login method can be set up on the licence and can be combined with other login methods. There are the following requirements:

  • The users of the institution need a standard Microsoft login provided by the institution.
  • The licence in WISEflow must be set up to require unique email addresses for all users. This is a licence setting done by Customer Support or when a new licence is created.
  • Customer Support needs to activate the method on the licence.

Microsoft Azure FAQ

What protocols are supported? Microsoft Azure supports a variety of protocols which you can find here:
What attributes are passed back to WISEflow? Currently, only the user's email address is passed to WISEflow
Can a user have multiple roles? A user must be created in WISEflow with one or more roles to login
Is reauthentication supported? Reauthentication is currently not supported
Do users need to be created in WISEflow, or can they be created on login? With Microsoft Azure users have to be created in WISEflow before they are able to log in
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