WISEflow Activity Logs

WISEflow logs a range of activities made by users and these are listed below against each action.

  • All user activity logging in and out is logged
  • Errors occurring whilst sending emails to users are logged
  • Successfully sent emails to users are logged

Flow lifecycle: Creating, activating or deleting a flow are all actions that are logged. If the flow is created from an external source, this information is also logged.

Access to the flow: It is logged when the manager opens a flow.

Configuration changes: All configuration changes are logged; this includes basic information, dates, details, advanced settings, flow type settings, assessment and review settings and all of the settings on the To be handed out tab. Changes to the cover sheet are logged as well, which includes adding, removing and updating elements.

Additional settings: FLOWlock and FLOWmulti have additional settings that control the behaviour of the lockdown browser, and all these settings are logged, both changes to the flow in general but also changes in settings for an individual participant. Also, if the FLOWmulti’s assessor distribution is set to Assigned to sections, further settings will appear. In these additional settings all changes to the matrix are logged, as well as all changes made in the progression overview. Multiple assignments can be added to a flow and these can be distributed among the participants. All actions that modify assignments, curriculum and additional material are logged, this includes adding/deleting assignments and uploading, updating and deleting files.

User relations to the flow: Adding and removing users to the flow is logged as well as changes to the distribution between assessors and participants. The same applies when participants are distributed between groups.

Reset grades: The manager can reset the grades submitted by the assessors or moderators, either by resetting all grades or for a single participant. Both cases are logged. It is also logged when an alternative grade is given to a participant.

External sources: External sources can be added to a flow. When these are added, removed or synchronised these actions are logged. Errors occurring during the synchronisation are logged as well.

Participation monitor: Changes to the participant's attendance, extending deadlines and making comments are logged.


Access to the flow: It is logged when an assessor opens a flow.

Grading: All personal, final and admin grades are logged.

Access to submissions: When an assessor opens a paper submitted by a participant, the action is logged.

Comments and annotations: All comments and annotations entered are logged.


Access to the flow: It is logged when a participant opens a flow.

Submission and cover sheet: All actions regarding uploading, renaming and deleting files are logged. The same applies to data added to the cover sheet and when the paper is submitted or withdrawn.

Lockdown exams and FLOWmulti: When participants take their exam in FLOWlock it is logged when the participant opens the lockdown browser. Inside the browser each save and reverting to a previous revision is logged, as well as any disconnects and reconnects that happen. FLOWmulti logs when the participants begin their exam and whenever a response is saved on a section. For both FLOWlock and FLOWmulti any incorrectly entered password is logged, as well as successful exits and submissions. This includes when trying to enter the exam and any attempts with an incorrect password inside the lockdown browser. Whenever an appendix is created, saved or deleted it is logged.


Assignments: It is logged when an assignment is created, updated and deleted. Creating a new assignment by importing a file is also logged.

Published assignments: It is logged when an assignment is published and when a published assignment is deleted.

Associated flows: It is logged when the author adds an assignment to a flow and when an assignment is removed from a flow.


Participant changes: The head invigilator can set the attendance of a participant and change the deadline for a participant. Both actions are logged. In addition comments made by either a basic or head invigilator are logged.


Grading: Just as the assessor, the reviewer can provide the participants with grades. All grades set by the reviewer are logged.

Comments and annotations: All comments and annotations entered are logged.


User management: Adding, updating and deleting users is logged.

Logging in as another user: It is logged when changing to another user and back again. Any actions taken while logged in as another user will have the supporter's User ID appended to the log entry in order to identify it was done by a supporter.

Licence Administrator

Manage users: All changes made through spreadsheets are logged.

Deleted flows: It is logged when the settings are changed. Reopening or permanently deleting a flow is also logged.

Licence messages: All changes made to the email templates are logged.

Alternative assessments: Adding, updating and deleting administrative assessments is logged.

Setup of FLOWjustification: Changes to the FLOWjustification template is logged.

Support page of the licence: Changes to the support page is logged.

Rooms: All changes to rooms are logged.

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