Overview of Assessment Types in WISEflow

WISEflow offers exam modules, called "flows" and supports the following exam types:

  • Open book essay exam, portfolio exam involving multiple files/file types, closed-book essay exams, open or closed book questionnaire-based tests and oral examination.

There are three different ways for participants to take part in exams in WISEflow: file upload type exams, conducting an exam within WISEflow or attendance type exams.

File Upload

Two flow types are available for open book assignments where participants upload their submission either as a PDF or in a different digital format. The manager determines the appropriate flow type.

FLOWassign FLOWhandin Video Example

This flow type is mainly used for coursework or open-book exams where the submission is a PDF file. The main submission can be paired with appendix material, where no specific file type is required. FLOWassign can be set up with or without an assignment. Participants can submit their work once a file has been uploaded and, if relevant, the required cover sheet fields have been completed.

Participation and Submission

These flow types are designed and typically used for closed-book, on-site exams to be completed within a limited period and without aids. The assignment can consist of a PDF file or multiple-choice question types. You access the exam through WISEflow and answer the exam question(s) in a locked browser.

FLOWlock FLOWmulti


With FLOWlock, the participant's computer is secured, allowing only the use of a text editor within WISEflow, preventing the use of online aids during on-site exams. The participants write their assignment using the editor and hand it in within the time frame (participation period) set by the manager. When the participation period ends, the markers assigned to the flow review the submissions using the marking tool and submit the assessment (marked work).


These exam types do not require participants to submit anything but are designed to enable administrative support for registration of participant attendance or oral examinations.

FLOWattend FLOWoral


FLOWattend is a module for the registration of participant attendance for compulsory classes, events, etc. The marker can record if the participant is present or absent and share the grade with the participant. In the overview, the participant can see the start and end date for the flow and, if made available, the grade. It is not possible for the participant to hand in on a FLOWattend.
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