General Knowledge and Tips for Using WISEflow

This is where you can find general information about the overview page, flow page, how to upload and submit files, etc.


After logging in, you are directed to the overview page which shows a list of all the active flows to which you have been allocated. From here, you can also access demo flows which can help to get a feel for how a flow works, as well as the archive where you can see any finished and archived flows.

The following is an overview of the layout of the overview page:

  1. Enter the archive, where flows are stored that have finished the assessment phase
  2. Sort your overview: 
    • To only show flows that start the same day or are ongoing.
    • By status, flow title, start or end date and sort the order.
    • Filter flows by title.
  3. List of active exams
  4. Exam has been newly added by a manager
  5. Name of the exam
  6. Timeline and current status
  7. Flow type
  8. Participation start and end dates
  9. Access demo exams to test functionalities of different flow types


Demo Flows
Before you are due to complete a real assessment, we recommend you familiarise yourself with WISEflow through a demo flow. This will help you check that the software is installed correctly and you can familiarise yourself with the available tools.
The different types of demo flows are:
  • FLOWassign: Here you can test the upload of a PDF-based assignment (no lockdown browser required).
  • FLOWmulti: Try out different interactive question types and if the lockdown browser is correctly installed (requires that the lockdown browser is installed before starting the demo flow). Starting the demo will close all running programs on the computer.

    Please be aware that we will simulate loss of internet connection during the test.

  • FLOWmulti – Advanced: Tests with a set assignment containing the more advanced type of interactive questions (no lockdown browser required). This can be set to a custom assignment with more relevant question types for your institution.
  • FLOWlock: Try to write an assignment in the lockdown browser. You can also try the webcam, drawing tool, and other available tools (starting the demo will close all running programs on the computer).

    Please be aware that we will simulate loss of internet connection during the test.


Timeline of Flow Status

A flow can be in different states, which can be seen on the timeline beside each flow:

  1. Enrolled on flow

    The flow has between activated but it is not yet open for participation. You can access the flow page to find all relevant information about managers, markers, curriculum, assignment etc. New indicates that this flow has not been accessed before.


  2. Open for participation

    You can access the flow and complete the assignment. This participation period can be seen beside the flow icon.


  3. Closed for participation

    The participation period deadline has been reached and submissions are being assessed. It is no longer possible to make a submission.


  4. The flow has ended

    All submissions have been assessed and you can access any grading and feedback information that has been released.


  5. No paper submitted

    No submission has been made by the participation deadline and it cannot be considered in the assessment process.


Overview Page of a Flow

To enter a particular flow, click on the flow in the list (anywhere in the row).


FLOWassign/FLOWhandin FLOWlock/FLOWmulti

This brings you to the flow page. The page may look slightly different depending on the flow type and what stage the flow is in. Below is an example for file based examinations in the Open for participation stage.

  1. See deadline within you need make your submission
  2. Instructions in connection to the flow
  3. View and annotate the provided assignment in a new tab or download it 
  4. Information on the flow and view or download any supporting or additional material (documents, links or email addresses)
  5. Interaction panel (more in-depth description of the functionalities under Upload and Submit a Paper below)


Upload and Submission (FLOWassign / FLOWhandin)

Uploading and submitting a paper in WISEflow is a 3-step process:

  1. Upload your submission as a PDF (for FLOWassign) and any appendix material (if relevant) or in another format (for FLOWhandin). Appendices can be any number of files and of any file type. You can download, rename or delete files using the three-stripe symbol.


  2. Fill in the cover sheet if one is present. Some fields must be filled out before you can submit and these are indicated by a star.


    You can preview the cover sheet once complete.


  3. Submit your assignment by clicking the Submit button. You will see a confirmation that the submission has been successful. You can also request a receipt as proof. Depending on the flow configuration, it may also be possible to withdraw the submission and upload a new one up until the submission deadline.


    If no files are uploaded, you can choose to make a blank submission by clicking Submit blank. This will count as a submission and considered with reference to your institution's rules.


Participation with Lockdown Browser (FLOWlock / FLOWmulti)

FLOWlock and FLOWmulti are conducted within the WISEflow interface. For FLOWlock and FLOWmulti with lock, WISEflow uses the lockdown browser to restrict your computer from accessing unauthorised material during the test period.

There is a guide on installing the lockdown browser available on the flow page of any exam that requires the use of the lockdown browser (we strongly recommend installing the lockdown browser in advance of your exam date).

Below is a short explanation of the participation process for a FLOWlock and FLOWmulti but please also refer to WISEflow Lockdown Browser - Introduction for more in-depth information.

One hour before the start of the participation period, the Start the flow button is activated. By clicking the button, you will start the exam and activate the lockdown browser. If you experience any problems, please review our troubleshooting articles.

If you do not want to start and participate in the flow, you can choose to make a blank submission by clicking Blank submission. This will count as a submission and considered with reference to your institution's rules.


When you have submitted your exam within the lockdown browser, you will be brought back to the flow page where you will see a confirmation with a timestamp of your submission. You can also request a receipt as proof.


Timeboxed Exams

If a flow is set up as a timeboxed exam, you will have a fixed timeframe (e.g. 2 hours) within the general participation period (e.g. 3 days) to start the flow and make a submission. You can start the flow at any point in time during the participation period but once initiated, you will only have the set timeframe to start the lockdown browser, finalise and hand in your submission.

The flow page will look a bit different than on a regular flow:


  1. General participation period.
  2. This displays the time you have from the time you start the flow until you have to hand in your submission. It can be set to minutes, hours and/or days.
  3. Once you are ready to start your individual participation period, click on Begin flow.

When you click on Begin flow, you will need to acknowledge the start of your individual participation period. Once you have done this, you can scroll down and start the flow. 


Once you have acknowledged the start of your individual participation period, a countdown of approximately 2 minutes will run down before you can access the assignment. This ensures that you have enough time to begin the flow and, if enabled, start the lockdown browser without that time being deducted from your participation period.

Make sure that you have installed the lockdown browser, tested it and ensure it is running properly before you start your individual participation period. Once you start the flow, the individual participation period will start counting down and it is not possible to pause or stop it. If the lockdown browser is not properly installed you will not be able to start the assessment but your time will still count down.  

Profile Settings

You can access your language and profile settings at the top right corner of the page. The flag indicates the language that is currently used for all navigation and user interface elements in WISEflow.


To change the language for WISEflow, click the flag icon to open the dropdown menu and choose your preferred language.

To access your profile settings click your name and then Edit profile. Full details on your profile settings can be found here.

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