Using the Appendix Manager

The appendix manager helps you create and manage your appendices. Once uploaded, the appendices are automatically submitted at the same time when you hand in your main paper. They can be viewed via the navigation pane on the right hand side of the screen.

The following tools are available in the appendix manager: drawing tool, webcam, code editor, file upload and formula editor. Depending on the set up of the flow, the tools available to you may vary.

In the lockdown browser, the appendix manager will open in a new pane and in the appendix manager you can manage all your appendices as described above.

FLOWlock FLOWmulti

In FLOWlock you will access the appendix manager in the right side of the paper.

FLOWlock Manage Appendices.png

Some appendix material can be inserted into the paper with a double arrow button. Press the button twice to insert the material at the location of the cursor in the text.

FLOwlock Add appendix material.png

Once the appendix material is inserted in the paper, it is possible to adjust the size.

Add appendix material.gif

Add Appendices

When you open the appendix manager you can add a new appendix by clicking +New appendix. You can now choose between the available tools on the flow.


Drawing Tool

You can draw your own image using the drawing tool.


Webcam: Take an Image

The appendix manager can take pictures with your (external) webcam and as an example can be used to take images of handwritten notes. Make sure that any external camera is plugged in before the start of the lockdown browser.


Code Editor

In the code editor you can write code in different languages with syntax highlight.

Code language: Javascript, Go, Typescript, CSS, C++, C#, Python, XML, Markdown, Java, Ruby, Sass, JSON, HTML, SQL and PHP.

In addition to syntax highlighting the following also includes a structure error checker: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON and XML

Editor themes: Xcode, Monokai, Terminal, Github, Solarized Dark and Solarized Light.

Font size: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24.


In FLOWlock you can copy the code to your clipboard and past it in to your paper. Afterwards you highlight the passage of code in the paper and choose Code block under Paragraph. This will mark the code with grey and format the code correctly.

Upload a File

Using this feature will allow you to upload a file from your device. The file will be added to the paper as an appendix.


Formula Editor

You can write LaTex formulas in the formula editor. Review our article on a list of available commands in the formula editor.


Delete Appendices

When you have created and saved an appendix that should no longer be included in your paper, you can delete it directly in the appendix manager. Choose the appendix material that should be deleted, click on the recyle bin in the upper right hand corner and confirm that you would like to delete this appendix.


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