WISEflow Lockdown Browser - Installation and Testing

To participate in a FLOWlock or FLOWmulti (with lock) exam, you must first download and install the lockdown browser. The video in the introductory article for the lockdown browser explains how to install and test the lockdown browser. The minimum requirements (e.g. operating system, memory or hard disk space) to use the Lockdown Browser can be found in this article.

To start the lockdown browser from WISEflow for the first time, you must click a button to accept that the lockdown browser is launched through an external protocol. You will be asked to tick off whether you want to accept the external protocol, and by doing so, you will not be asked to do this every time you launch the lockdown browser.

Please be aware that some security programs (e.g. McAfee and Symantec) should be paused before starting the lockdown browser.

Download the Lockdown Browser

Through Profile Settings Through Flow Page On an iPad
Download the lockdown browser through the System tab in your profile settings. This can be accessed by clicking on your name in WISEflow the top right corner.

User Profile - Lockdown Browser.png

The System tab will display information about your device and whether it is compliant both with the minimum requirements for WISEflow in general and also for exams conducted in the lockdown browser.

  1. Click Download Windows/Mac version to download the installation file for the latest version of the lockdown browser. You will automatically be provided with the correct file whether you are using Mac or Windows as the operating system.
  2. When installed, you can test the lockdown browser by clicking Test browser. This will open the browser in a test run. When the program has made sure that the browser will work, click Finish.
  3. Open a demo version of FLOWlock and FLOWmulti exams to test out the software and familiarise yourself with the available tools and features.
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