Text Similarity in WISEflow

Where institutions have integrated WISEflow with their plagiarism detection service (e.g. Ouriginal/Urkund or Turnitin), submissions may be sent automatically for similarity analysis via WISEflow. Papers will be analysed to see if they contain passages of text that also appear in other sources (e.g. internet, library databases, papers handed in by others, etc.). Markers will see any matches that have been detected.

Papers handed in through FLOWassign and FLOWlock are sent to the plagiarism service approximately two hours after the (individual) participation period ends. Papers are tested by the service (this takes a few hours) and are sent back to WISEflow.

Ouriginal (formerly Urkund) has deprecated the functionality to adjust the paper visibility for participants by clicking the Strike_Through_Eye_Icon.png-button. It was formerly possible to hide the content of the paper, meaning that the content was not accessible for others in Urkund.

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