Use of Offline Backups in the Lockdown Browser

This article has been updated to reflect the enhancements that will be available after Friday 26 July as part of the July Release 2024.

This article demonstrates how to download your paper in FLOWlock or FLOWmulti. This allows you to save your progress on your exam if you are offline from WISEflow. Please refer to our troubleshooting guide if you experience any problems before or during the use of the lockdown browser.

Download Paper

This is will enable you to create an offline backup of your exam which presents a local snapshot of your paper. This option will only appear if the connection to the internet has been lost or if offline backup has been manually enabled by an invigilator.

No connection to WISEflow

This is an indicator you have lost the connection to the WISEflow server and are currently working offline.

The picture below shows how it is indicated in FLOWlock and FLOWmulti when Download paper is available. If you click Download paper you will see the download in your standard folder for downloaded files.


The download cannot be opened neither can the content be amended. It includes all your progress (online and offline) up to the point that the backup was downloaded.

After you have created an offline backup and you have exited the lockdown browser, you are able to upload the backup on the flow page and either submit this paper or carry on working where you left off (if participation time remains).

Upload Offline Backup

On FLOWmultis, offline backups can only be uploaded by participants before the end of the participation deadline. Contact an invigilator or manager in case you need to upload an offline copy after the end of the participation period.

On FLOWlocks, it is possible to upload and submit an offline backup up to four hours after the end of the participation period. Please contact your institution to understand the consequences of uploading an offline backup after the end of the official participation period.

  1. Select the correct flow and see if you have an option to Upload offline backup.

    Upload Offline Backup.jpg

  2. After you select Upload offline backup, you will need to select Choose file and navigate to the file location where the paper has been downloaded to.


  3. After you have selected the file to upload, you may need to validate the file upload by entering the Invigilator password (depending on your institution's settings) and click Validate.


  4. FLOWlock FLOWmulti

    Once the file upload is validated, you can choose to either select Update paper or Submit.


    When the participation period has ended, you can only Submit the paper. This is possible up to four hours after the end of the participation period.


  5. Once you chose to Update paper, you will see a confirmation on your flow page.
    FLOWlock FLOWmulti


  6. Finally, you will need to re-start the flow and enter the lockdown browser to submit your paper.

Useful tips for using this function

    • If you notice you are offline, create an offline backup by clicking Download paper at your earliest convenience.
    • If you are going to be offline for a prolonged amount of time, download your paper regularly. This acts as a save feature.
    • If you have been offline and clicked Download Paper but establish a connection again, check in the top right of your screen that your paper has been saved. If this has happened you can carry on as normal through your exam, as all your offline progress will now be saved to the WISEflow server.
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