Flow Overview for Invigilators

As an invigilator, you can find a list of active flows that start today, and a list of any future flows where you are a designated invigilator. When you enter the invigilator page, you are met by the overview displaying Active flows that are running today and Future flows that you are an invigilator on.


Overview of an Active Flow

As an invigilator, all active flows will have the following features, the view changes depending on whether you are a basic or a head invigilator:

  1. Your role:
    • The basic invigilator can access information about the flow and the participants using the flow monitor.
    • The head invigilator can register attendance, write comments about the participants, and edit individual submission deadlines in the flow monitor.
  2. Start of the participation period.
  3. Participation password:

    You can view the password by clicking the eye icon Eye_Icon.png. You can also show the password to the participants before starting the exam, by extending it Extend_icon.png and putting it on a big screen.

  4. Access to the participation monitor by clicking the Eye_Icon.png icon by the participation monitor. You can find a detailed description of the participation monitor here.
  5. Flow description: If the manager has added a description of the assessment it can be viewed by clicking on the Eye_Icon.png icon.
  6. Submission deadline after which participants can no longer edit their papers.
  7. Invigilator password:

    You can show and hide the password by clicking the Eye_Icon.png icon. But there is no option for showing it in a big window.

  8. Assignment:

    You will be able to preview the assignment when the participant period starts. Refresh the page to see the assignment.

    FLOWassign / FLOWlock FLOWmulti
    On file-based assessments (FLOWassign / FLOWlock), you are able to preview as well as download the assignment.


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