Invigilation Options inside the Lockdown Browser

Invigilators have access to an invigilator menu inside the lockdown browser with tools that may help participants if they experience any issues during the exam. And if the need arises, you can help the participant exit the lockdown browser without handing in.

The following steps will be required each time you want to open the invigilator options menu. You can access the menu at the top by clicking on the gear icon.


This will prompt you to confirm that you want access to the invigilator options and type in the invigilator password for the exam.


Invigilator Options Menu

FLOWlock FLOWmulti


  1. Save an encrypted copy of the paper to the computer, which can be uploaded and submitted through WISEflow outside the lockdown browser.
  2. Activate the download function for the participant, even if the internet is available. The download function will disappear if the participant refreshes the page or logs out. You can find the download button next to the Submit button.


  3. Attempt to reconnect to WISEflow manually. If the paper does not save and the internet is working, this will try to reconnect to WISEflow.


  4. If the participant is offline when the submission deadline is reached, the text editors are deactivated. If the participant is granted more time to finish the paper, the text editors can be reactivated here.


  5. Makes it possible to print out the paper on a connected printer. This option adds the print icon to the lockdown browser which can be used to access the print menu, as shown here.


Exit the Lockdown Browser Without Submitting the Paper

If a participant wants to exit the exam without handing in the paper or there is a need to restart the lockdown browser, you can click the Exit button at the top left.


This will ask you to confirm closing down the lockdown browser without submitting and type in the invigilator password. After this is done, the lockdown browser will close down and the participant can return to the flow page.


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