Managing Participants and Assessments

Once you have created a flow, you can add participants . The list of participants is always available at the bottom of the flow page even when you navigate through the different tabs of the flow page. Once you have added participants to a flow, they will be visible in the participant overview at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see further information about the participants and, if necessary, individually change their ECTS points, grading scale or participation period. Refer to the article on the basic settings of a flow (Details) to see how participants can be anonymised by managers for the assessment process.


You can hover over the i - icon (i_icon.jpg) for more information.

1. Add Participants

You can either add one participant at a time or several at once. When you click Add participants, you get a pop-up with two options:

  1. Add participants one at a time by searching for name, email, or user ID and clicking on the green Add_button.png button. Participants that have already been added to this flow do not show up in the list.


  2. Add several participants at a time by searching for them via email, CPR, Institution-ID, or IDs.
    If the participants have already been added as users in WISEflow, their names will appear in the list and on the right-hand side in green. If they are not yet a user in WISEflow, the chosen ID will remain red and they will not show up in the list on the right-hand side. If a participant has already been added to the flow, the ID and name will show up in yellow and they will not be added again. 


Look at the item Participant details to see how you can remove participants from a flow. Participants can be anonymised in the Details tab.

2. Manage Groups (FLOWassign/FLOWattend/FLOWhandin/FLOWoral)
You can choose whether participants should submit in groups. The group type can be determined through the Details pane in the basic settings of a flow. It is also possible for participants to form a one-person group. You can either set up groups and allocate participants to them (see Manage Groups below) or let the participants form groups on their own

Participants can only form groups themselves on FLOWassign and FLOWhandin assessments.
If the group form is changed after the flow has started, all participant submissions will be deleted and the participants must submit again.


  • No group type: All participants will submit separately. This is set as a default on the licence.
  • Group paper: Participants will have to form or take part in a group in order to be allowed to submit. Each group member can submit and withdraw on behalf of the entire group, and only one paper can be submitted. Participants will receive feedback via the marking tool and there will be only one plagiarism report.
  • Individual papers: All participants will have to form or take part in a group in order to be allowed to submit. All group members will still have to submit individual papers in this group form. 
Manage Groups

Once you have chosen a group type, a new column will appear on each of the tabs within the participation overview where you can sort participants by their groups. If you as a manager do not manage the groups, participants are allowed to form the groups themselves.


Click on Manage Groups to get to the setup. 


  1. Save or cancel the current changes made to the group assignments.
  2. Search and display by full name, primary email address, or organisation ID. This will highlight and jump to the participant in both the Participants not in a group and Groups list.


  3. Delete all groups and reset the group structure.
  4. Remove participants from all groups without deleting the groups.
  5. (Re-)Assign participants equally but randomly across all current groups.
  6. Add a single group or multiple groups. When adding multiple groups, choose whether only empty groups should be added or if participants should be assigned to added groups as well. 


  7. You can drag single participants into groups or tick off multiple participants and move them to a specific group.



  8. Look at the next item for more information on individual group settings.

Individual Group Settings


  1. Using unique IDs or email addresses in a comma-separated text list can be copied and pasted into this field. Participants will then be added automatically to the group from the list.
  2. Displays whether a group is locked and cannot be edited by participants and the number of participants in this group.
  3. Delete group if empty.
  4. Edit the group number, add an optional group name and set whether participants can edit groups.


  5. Remove individual participants from the group.
3. Participation Monitor
You can read up on the functionalities and use of the Participation Monitor in the Participation Monitor Overview article.
4. Tools
This button will offer bulk actions for all participants. Depending on availability on a flow, the functionalities may be inaccessible and greyed out.


  • Download All Files: It is possible to bulk download submitted files as a ZIP file from all participants. The time necessary for generating the ZIP file depends on the number and size of the files.
  • Information from cover sheet (FLOWassign & FLOWhandin only): If additional cover fields needed to be completed by participants, it is possible to review the information here and export all or only visible data as a CSV file. Review the Managing Assignments and Cover Sheets article for more information.
  • Export Assessments: Export all submitted grades to a file or transfer them directly to an external system if associated with the licence.
  • Justifications: View justification requests made by participants, as well as assign or reassign any requests which have yet to be accepted and answered. If there are any unassigned justification requests, a number next to Justifications will appear.


    You will be brought to a new page where you can manage all justification requests for a flow. If assessors are overdue in completing their responses to justification requests, a new date to answer the request can be selected by clicking on the calendar icon next in the Due date column for the individual participant.


    Requested_Icon.png Assigned_Icon.png Accepted_Icon.png
    Justifications have been submitted by a participant, but need to be assigned to an assessor by clicking on the pencil icon. Justifications have been assigned and are currently reviewed by the assessor. An assessor has answered a justification request. Finalised requests can be unlocked again by clicking the lock icon.
    View_grade_justification.png Unlock_grade_justification.png
    View the grade justification request that has been submitted by a participant and, if accepted, the response by the assessor. Unlock a submitted grade justification for the assessor so their answer can be changed. Assessors will have to submit their answer to the grade justification request again for participants to see it.
5. Basic Information
All FLOW types FLOWoral


  1. Deactivate single or all participants from a flow. Deactivated participants are still assigned to the flow and anything they may have submitted is still saved. They have no access to the participant flow page and are not marked by assessors.
  2. If a group type has been selected, this column will appear and you can sort participants by their assigned groups.
  3. You can sort participants or change the ECTS points/grade scale for individual participants.
  4. You can change the participation start and end time for individual participants by clicking on the calendar icon.

    For FLOWattend flows, the participation period cannot be changed for individual participants.

6. Participant Details

When the participation date has not started, it is possible to remove participants from a flow by clicking the green minus button, instead of deactivating them.

It is not possible to remove participants from a flow if it is synchronised with an SIS-system. It is only possible to deactivate them. See Basic Information above for information on deactivating participants.


You can set an individual marking deadline for single participants.
When the participation period has ended, you can see whether or not participants have submitted by the checkmark or minus in the respective column. You can withdraw a student's submission, by clicking on the checkmark and confirming the action. Participants can hand in another submission if their participation period has not ended.

Withdrawing a participant's submission will enable them to submit their paper again or delete their upload and submit a new paper. Where the lockdown browser is enabled, participants will be able to start the flow again, enter the lockdown browser and adjust and submit their answers.

You can download the paper as a ZIP file (Download_Button.png) or preview the cover sheet (Preview_Button.png) of individual participants. By clicking on the arrows on the left-hand side, you can also preview the paper and, if available, appendix material of a single participant.


7. Assessment
Please review this article to see how you can review the assessment process of a flow where assessors or reviewers have to determine the grade on a flow.
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