The Shared Summary

Comments and annotations made using the WISEflow annotation tool, as well as paper or cohort level comments and rubric content can all be optionally shared with any co-assessors. This feature is designed to support collaborative marking processes for situations where assessors are required to jointly contribute to the marking of a submission. By default, comments and annotations remain private unless the assessor chooses to share them, or the default sharing behaviour is adjusted at the licence level.

Assuming comments and annotations have been shared, co-assessors can access these using WISEflow's shared summary feature. Whilst each assessor receives their own individual copy of the submission to work on, the shared summary will display a collated view of all the shared comments and annotations made by those involved in the assessment process.

To access the shared summary from inside the marking tool, navigate to the right-hand student menu and then the Summary button.


There are two different views available in the shared summary and these can be accessed using the Summary and Annotation view buttons in the top right. The former shows collated annotations overlaid on the original document and is best for on-screen viewing, whereas the latter is optimised for printing.


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