Offline Functionality

WISEflow is designed primarily to be used in an online capacity. However, there are some circumstances where a continuous internet connection is not practical or possible for assessors. To cater for such situations WISEflow offers some offline features.

Bulk Downloading Scripts for Marking Offline

Submissions made to FLOWassign or FLOWlock can be downloaded in bulk in a single zip file and can include a grading spreadsheet or grade sheet. To build your offline marking package, select Offline marking from the flow overview page.

Assessor Reviewer


There are three steps in building your package for export:


Step One is to select the content of your package. First choose the structure of the content: whether the submissions should be contained in an individual folder per student (which gives a better navigational experience) or to have all the files in a single folder (which may be better if you intend to perform a bulk print job). You can then choose whether the coversheets for each submission are included as either the first page of each submission or separated into a single separate file.

Please note that downloaded submissions will be displayed by an order number first and then, if participants have been anonymised, by the chosen method of anonymisation. For example: if "Participant index" has been chosen to anonymise participants, the order number of the submission will be 1, 2, 3, etc., followed by an underscore and the participant index number 1, 2, 3, etc. (1_1, 2_2, 3_3, etc.).

Finally, you may select whether to include the marking guidance, the distributed assignment(s) and/or a grade sheet (Excel spreadsheet).

Only reviewers with the privilege to decide the final grades can download the grade sheet.


Step Two is to filter the list to a smaller subset of submissions if you wish. Navigate by clicking on the Filter submissions box as highlighted in the image above.


Step Three is to request your export. Navigate by clicking on the Export box as highlighted in the image above. Check the package content summary. If any changes need to be made, return to either the Package content or Filter submissions screen by clicking on the corresponding box again and amending your selections. When you are ready, click on the button Generate package.

When the zip file is ready (the time may vary depending on the size of the job) you will be taken to the following screen:


Click Download ZIP file to download to your computer where you can use an appropriate application to unzip the files.

Alternatively, you can at this point click on Build a new package and you will be taken back to the initial Package content screen.

If scripts are extracted from WISEflow, assessors and reviewers will not have access to the various marking, annotation and feedback tools that WISEflow offers whilst they are working outside of the platform.

Offline Grading

As well as exporting scripts for offline work, it is also possible to carry out grading activity outside of WISEflow. To support this, WISEflow offers a spreadsheet download into which grades can be inserted and then re-uploaded.

See the section above on bulk downloading scripts for including a grade sheet in your download package. Alternatively, follow the same instructions but select only a grade sheet to be included in your download package.

Only reviewers with the privilege to decide the final grades can download the grade sheet.

Assessor Reviewer


Enter the appropriate grades into the Final Grade column on the far right indicated by the red arrow. Take care to only use values that exist on the grading scale for this flow. The example above shows a percentage grading scale, but this could be letter grades, pass/fail or any other grading scale available on your WISEflow licence.

If more than one assessor has been assigned to a student, you will also see details of your co-assessor listed against each student in a column labelled Co-assessors. A second tab on the grade sheet lists your co-assessors and their contact details.

Save the grade sheet to your computer.

When you are ready to reimport the grade sheet, navigate back to the marking overview and again select the Offline marking button, then Import grade sheet.


Drag and drop the grade sheet into the box or browse for the file in the usual way. The grades will be imported to the system and can be submitted in the usual way.

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Returning Scripts

Annotated or marked-up scripts can be returned to students using paper-level comments access via the assessor tool. For further information about how to access and use paper-level and cohort-level comments, please see the article here.

To attach a marked script, navigate to the Comments on this submission from within the marking tool and click on the Add comment button.


Select the Upload button shown below. The burger menu allows you to select whether to upload directly from your computer or via Dropbox (if used).


Once uploaded you can preview, download, edit or delete the document using the options to the right-hand side


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