Similarity Reports

WISEflow supports integration with two different text similarity tools commonly used at educational institutions; Turnitin and Ouriginal (formerly Urkund).

When text similarity is enabled on the flow, WISEflow sends submissions to the respective services and subsequently displays the returned matching percentage in the marking tool.


Click on the percentage value to open the similarity report.

Interpreting Ouriginal (Urkund) Reports

In March 2023, Ouriginal created a new analysis report and produced a comprehensive User Guide which you can find here. More guides and tutorials can be found on Ouriginal's website.

Interpreting Turnitin Reports

The image below shows the landing page of the Turnitin report.


  1. The document viewer displaying the entire submitted document with similarity events and flags highlighted in the text
  2. Help menu: view the submission metadata, access the help centre or initiate a Turnitin tour
  3. Report settings: Options for what to include in the analysis
  4. Event overview: An overview of the sources matched or flags detected
  5. Similarity/flag toggle: Choose whether to view sources matched or flags detected in the event overview

The Source View

The source view displays the details of the matched source. Click any source reference in the overview list to view further details about that source. Turnitin will also jump to the location it has matched the source in the student's submission.


  1. Option to exclude this source from the analysis
  2. The proportion of the total similarity score attributed to this source
  3. Link to the source
  4. A wider extract from the source

Excluding the source prompts Turnitin to re-run the analysis and produces a new result


Report Settings

Several options are available to configure both which parts of the submission to include in the analysis and which repositories the submission should be compared against.


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