Grade Export: Rules and Technical Setup

This article will describe how the export from WISEflow to a SIS works, the rules for exporting and a technical walkthrough of the recommended request bodies.

Export dashboard

The export overview in WISEflow lets you export assessments back to your SIS system. It is only possible to export assessments after a flow has been successfully synchronised with your SIS system and the assessment period has ended.

Rules for exporting

  • The export will only run once
  • A failed export will not automatically retry
  • If the export fails, it will be in a 'Failed' state where a manager can manually retry
  • If one or more assessments has not been exported, these will show in the 'Failed' state. A manager can then automatically retry
  • Only participants with an assessment (grade or alternative grade) will be exported
  • Only participants added through a SIS source will be exported

Note: An alternative grade exported to SIS cannot be changed in WISEflow afterwards

Advanced export settings

  • Instant export of assessments: Enabling this setting will export assessments as soon as they have been approved by an Assessor or a Reviewer (depending on your flow settings)

Note: Alternative grades are currently not supported by instant export of assessments

Technical details

The export works by sending a request to your API. This can either be with a POST or a PATCH request. There are multiple ways of building the request body sent from WISEflow.

An example of a JSON request body is:

"participants": [
"userId": 0,
"mark": "string",
"adminGrade": "string"

The request can be modified to fit your exact needs, but the above is a good starting point for the information you might need.

The above example will bulk export all participants in one call.

It is recommended that WISEflow receives a response with an HTTP status codes 200 showing the number of successful and failed exports:

"numberOfSuccess": 0,
"numberOfErrors": 1,
"errors": [
"userId": 0,
"errorInfo": "Description of error"

This way, WISEflow can show the individual participants and any errors.

Flowchart description of export



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