Managing Assignments, Cover Sheets and Other Material

This article will show you how to manage material that should be made available to participants, assessors or reviewers. All of this can be found via the To be handed out tab on a flow.

You can add and allocate assignments to participants, add elements to a cover sheet (FLOWassign and FLOWhandin only) or attach supporting materials or descriptions to a flow. Authors can also add assignments to flows if they have been associated with the relevant flow.

Allocation of assignments only works for FLOWlock, FLOWassign, FLOWhandin, FLOWoral and FLOWattend.

There are two ways how assignments on a flow can be added or accessed:


  1. Manage assignments: This option will send you directly to a new page where you can manage your assignment(s). Review the information below for the options available on the different flow types.
  2. Add_icon.png : If no assignment has been added to a flow yet, you will be able to add the (first) assignment by clicking on this button. If an assignment has been added to your flow, this button will be replaced and the added assignment(s) will be displayed instead. Review the information below for the options available in the different flow types.

On FLOWoral you can also determine the point in time when the assignment should be handed out to participants.


FLOWmulti FLOWassign/-attend/-handin/-lock/-oral

You can add an assignment that has been published by an author from your institution through a unique reference code. You can also associate authors with the flow and let them add the assignment themselves.


Once an assignment is attached to the flow, you will see the name and flow version of the assignment.


  1. On FLOWmulti flows it is only possible to add one assignment per flow. If one assignment is added, it will not be possible to enter the reference code of another flow version.
  2. Preview the assignment as it will be displayed to participants.
  3. View the assignment details. If a rescore needs to be performed, click here and refer to the information in the article Rescoring Submissions Based on Author Changes to Scoring or Validation.
  4. As long as the participation period has not started, it will be possible to delete the assignment and add another one.

    An assignment needs to be added to the flow before the start of the participation period. Otherwise, participants will not be able to start the flow and see the following message:


  5. On a FLOWmulti, an assignment is automatically allocated to all participants. It is not possible to do an individual allocation.
Add Other Material and Flow Descriptions

Supporting Material

You can provide participants, assessors and reviewers with Supporting material for all which becomes available when the flow is activated. Assessors and reviewers can access these materials on the flow landing page above the participant list.

You can also choose to supply Supporting materials for participants. They can see these materials on the flow page in a document viewer when the flow has been activated. File types that can added here are: pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, png, jpg, and jpeg.

You can add files and/or links via the To be handed out tab. Note that supporting materials will not be accessible to participants while they are working in the lockdown browser.


You can also add an email address in the URL field by inserting mailto: follow by the email address of the relevant contact person. Users will be automatically led to their chosen email program when clicking on the link.


Flow Description

You can also opt to add a custom description to a flow which can be seen by participants when the flow is activated (on the flow page) and also when they are working within the lockdown browser:


The flow description can be managed from the To be handed out tab, under Supporting material for participants:


The extra benefit here is that you are able to prepend the description to the assignment PDF when zipping it as a manager and thereby making it easier to make backup paper copies with a proper flow reference and description.

Manage Cover Sheets and Add Elements (FLOWassign & FLOWhandin only)

The cover sheet can contain elements that the participants need to fill out before submitting their work. You can specify the information that must be supplied by the participant and add elements for them to complete. The cover sheet can be found in the flow tab Cover Sheet.

You can add new fields by clicking on Add custom field.


You will then have the option to:

  1. Search for cover sheet fields that are available on your licence.
  2. See what type of element it is (i.e. Input field, Checkbox, Drop-down menu, etc.).
  3. Mark often used elements as favourites for easy access on other flows.
  4. Add the element to the cover sheet.


Once you have selected cover sheet fields, you can arrange multiple elements in a particular order for the participants. Click Save to save the new order of the fields.


Click on Preview the cover sheet to see if all information is displayed correctly.

Review Participant Information from Cover Sheets


  1. Choose participant details and Show cover sheet. You can see information about a specific participant's cover sheet by choosing the participant details and clicking on Preview_Button.png
  2. Choose Tools and see a detailed list of cover sheet information for all participants who have submitted something (The list is only available if one or more cover sheet fields are added)

With the detailed overview, you can export cover sheet data to a CSV file. This is done by clicking the menu and choosing export with or without current filtration:


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