Exams with Lockdown Browser: Preparation

Participant's Device

  • Before attending an exam with the lockdown browser, we suggest you run a test exam, where you test the participants' devices prior to the exam.
  • If this is not an option, the participant should have tested at least the demo flows of the lockdown browser, which is found in the profile in the pane called System requirements.
  • Before the participant starts the flow and the lockdown browser, we suggest that you restart the computer and close all unnecessary programs and services that are either not allowed or not needed.
  • Establish a connection to the internet and make sure the computer automatically finds the correct WiFi, if the connection is temporarily lost. Remove any nearby networks the computer remembers that are not usable during the exam, as you have no way of changing WiFi once you are in the lockdown browser.
  • Note: Participants should be informed that the use of TAB to indent and customize the appearance essay questions does not always convert well to PDF. The use of tables instead provides a more secure appearance of the hand in.

Institutional Level

  • (Optional) Have some pre-installed computers ready for the students if their own device cannot complete the assignment.
  • Exams run via the lockdown browser are dependent on a stable internet connection. There are limited options in the lockdown browser when it comes to re-establishing the connection. Please see the information on Missing internet connection in our troubleshooting guide.
  • Avoid using special characters or symbols that can easily be confused in the start-up and proctor password. It can be difficult to distinguish between an i or an l or an o and a 0.

If you experience any problems during the exam, please see the troubleshooting guide for the lockdown browser.

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