Managing Authors, Invigilators and Other Managers

It is possible to add authors, invigilators as well as other managers to a flow. They can all be added via the Associates tab of a flow.


Add the relevant user via the + Add author/invigilator/manager button at the right hand side. In the search window that then opens up, you type in the name of the user you want to add. Click Add and finally click Save to add authors or invigilators. Additional managers can be added and deleted on a subpage.

Authors Invigilators (except FLOWoral) Managers
The author role gives users access to the author section of WISEflow. From here authors can create a wide range of exam questions and combine these into assignments. These can be added to the flow by the manager, or authors assigned to the flow can add an assignment to the flow themselves.

You will receive an automated message if no assignment has been added 24 hours prior to the deadline.

All added Associates can be seen in the overview list. Clicking on the name of a manager here will bring up their contact information (i.e. cell phone and email address):


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