Managing Dates

FLOWassign, FLOWhandin, FLOWlock and FLOWmulti operate on participation and marking periods that are set via the Deadlines pane on the flow page. When a flow is created, the system automatically sets the date for the participation period for the following day. By clicking the calendar symbol, you can determine the dates by when participants can start a flow and when assessors will be able to access participants' submissions. When a flow has started, it is possible to extend the participation period for individual participants through the Basic Information tab in the participant list.

If flows are set up with an individually timed flow duration, participants only have a fixed timeframe (i.e. 2 hours) within the general participation period (i.e. 3 days) to start the flow and hand in their submission.

Time Planning in FLOWoral

Time planning in FLOWoral makes it possible to create a detailed time plan for the oral examination. It is possible to make a plan for preparation, examination, discussion of the assessment and, optionally, breaks. You can determine if and when an assignment should be distributed and if assessors should have the option to edit the exam periods.

To manage and define the examination periods in a FLOWoral, click on Manage periods which will bring you to a subpage.


FLOWoral Overview


  1. You can set up default slots for different examination periods and breaks. 
  2. Return to the main flow page. 
  3. If administrative comments have been added to participants, you can decide to include them in the overview. 
  4. Print out the finalised examination overview. Note that comments will also be printed if Include comments is selected.
  5. Manage the different exam periods of the flow.
  6. Overview of your exam periods, indicating the day and time, how many participants are in one exam period (Group_Icon.png), the room (Room_Icon.png) as well as the names of the participants and, if included, any comments. 

Manage Periods

Define each period of the examination and also distribute the participants between them.


  1. Reset your distribution which will place all participants in the left menu.
  2. All participants will be distributed equally between the exam period(s).
  3. Sort all exam periods by date. 
  4. Add a new period. Define the start date and time by clicking on the calendar icon and define the time for preparation, examination and discussion of the assessment in minutes.


  5. Lock the setup if you do not want to make any more changes. Locking the setup can also be useful if you want to add participants or groups to default slots that have been added as placeholders (see Set Default Slots below for more information).
  6. You can find individual participants by typing in their names in the search field. Press Enter to select the highlighted item.
  7. If Display assessors is selected, you can find assessors by typing in their names in the search field or selecting a marker from the list. Markers are displayed with their initials and internal and external markers are marked in different colours.


  8. Unassigned participants/groups are listed on the left. They can be distributed manually by dragging them to the appropriate slot in the exam period. If default slots have been set up, they can be found here as well and used as placeholders until they can be replaced with participants.


  9. Exam Period Overview:
    • FLOWoral_More_Options.png You can edit the exam period, add a break or, if no participants have been assigned, delete the period
    • FLOWoral_More_Options_Participants.png If participants have been added, you can edit their individual preparation, examination or discussion time or add a comment which can be shared with the participant. Click FLOWoral_Reset_exam_time.png if you want to reset an individually added time back to the default of the exam period.


      You can also remove single participants or convert their spot in the exam period to a placeholder. This will send them back to the list of unassigned participants.  
  10. Save your set up when you are finished.

Set Default Slots

You can build and maintain flows independently with sets of default slots and breaks containing the needed pre-set time ranges. This may help you better in planning ahead of time, while the result of participants etc. have not been finally set. You can for instance create a two-person group default slot and set it up to have 20 minutes of preparation, 40 minutes of examination, 10 minutes for voting and set up a standard lunch break to last for 45 minutes.

Click on Manage Periods on the examination periods pane under Basic flow settings and then Go to default flow setting page.


From there you can set up the default slots for examinations and default breaks that you may want to have when you are building FLOWorals. 

Default Slots Default Breaks


By clicking Add default slot, you can set up as many default slots as you want. The title, the number of participants as well as the time for preparation, examination and discussion of assessment (in minutes) are required fields. If, for example, there should be no time allocated for the discussion of the assessment, enter 0 minutes. You can optionally include a description for the slot. 

When you have set up your default slot, it will show up in the overview. If you have several default slots, you can use the search field in the left-hand corner to filter your slots to only show a specific one.



When setting up timetables you can add default slots as placeholders instead of adding participants/groups directly. When the participants are enrolled and the groups are formed, you can then drag them into the placeholder when the setup has been locked.

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