Using the Question Editor for FLOWmulti Assignments

The question editor varies depending on the chosen question type, but the overall overlay is the same. The preview is fully interactive, so you can test out the current settings of your question. When you are happy with your question, click on the Save button above on the top right of the question and you will be redirected back to the item.


1. Basic Settings

The top of the editor contains the most basic settings. To return to the item, click on Back, when you have made changes to a question click Save.

  1. Undo/Redo changes made to the question by clicking Undo or Redo.
  2. Change between editing and previewing mode.
    Preview allows you to see the question as it will be shown to the participant during the exam. You will be able to test out the question, verifying the correct answers and scoring for that question as well as see the distractor rationale (where applicable).


2. Question Editor
Question Text Text Formatting Options Set Up Auto Validation

To edit the question text or each of the options of the question, click the text box of the feature you wish to edit. This will make a editing toolbar appear above the text box and show the cursor in the editor. The editor is provided by Learnosity, but customised to fit WISEflow and, furthermore, customised to fit the current question type. For other question types, additional or fewer options may be available.


Text_Style.png Text_Size.png Lists.png Indented.png
Change text style Change font size Numbered or bullet list Apply indentation

Text_Alignment.png Insert_Link.png Insert_Tools.png Add_media.png
Align text Add link to text. Managers may still have to whitelist links for a FLOWmulti Add image, LaTeX, table, block quote or insert special characters Add audio or video player, calculator, protractor, ruler or line reader

Resource.png Undo_Redo.png Formatting_Styles.png Source_Code.png
Upload files and images as a hyperlink Accepted file types: gif, jpg, png, pdf,  csv*, rtf*, dot*, doc*, docx*, xls*, xlsx*, odt*.
(*Not accessible in lockdown browser)
Undo or redo changes Choose a formatting style Edit question text in HTML

On cloze questions, you will also encounter this symbol Response_Field.png on the template field, which lets you add a response box to the template area.

3. More Options

When you click the More options, you get a menu that includes additional settings which are not critical to the question but allows you to fine-tune the functionality.

Scoring Layout Extras Distractor rationale


  1. Set the question to not score the answer. If this is ticked off, the correct points will be greyed out.
  2. Set penalty for incorrect answers. This setting is sensitive to the scoring types.
  3. Allow or disallow the participant to check (via a button) if they have answered correct (not giving the correct answer).
  4. Set the amount of times the check answers button can be pressed.
  5. Choose between scoring types:
    • Exact match: the amount of points set in the correct response schema is given only if the question is answered exactly like in the schema.
    • Partial match per response: when the question has multiple responses available, each response gives the amount set by the correct response schema.
    • Partial match: the amount set by the correct response schema is split between the correct answers (e.g. 2 points is split between two responses so they each give 1 point).
  6. Enabled or disable auto scoring of the question. If disabled, the assessor has to manually assess the question. This will also hide the scoring options regarding automatic scoring.
  7. Set a minimum number of points to give if the question is attempted.
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