Using Author Groups

It is possible to form groups of one or several authors in the authoring tool. Every author can edit author groups where they have been added to as a collaborator or manage groups they have created themselves. You can access the author groups, you are part of, through the overview page.


This will then bring you to an overview where you can manage the author groups. Here you can create a new group or edit existing groups.


  1. Create a new author group. You will be the owner of this author group.
  2. Overview if you are the owner of an author group or a collaborator, i.e. you have been added by someone else to this author group.
  3. Edit an author group.
  4. If you are the owner, you can delete the entire author group.
Create a New Author Group


When you click Create new Author Group you will be presented with the above window, where you can add a title and description for your new author group. Once the information is filled in accordingly, you can click on Save to edit your new author group.

Edit an Author Group

The editing functionalities for an author group differ slightly, depending on your access category (owner or collaborator) within a group.

Owner Collaborator


  1. Edit the name of the author group.
  2. Add of edit the group description.
  3. Date when the author group was created.
  4. Date when the author group was last edited.
  5. Add collaborators to the author group.
  6. Toggle the view of the author list and decide which columns should be shown / hidden.
  7. Owners can delete all other authors from a group.

Add Co-Authors


When you click on Add Co-authors you will see the screenshot above. In this section you can add new authors and delete existing authors.

  1. Search for the authors you want to add to the author group.
  2. The tick box is to select the authors you want to add.
  3. To remove the existing authors added to the author group.
  4. Cancel or Confirm your current amendments to authors associated with this group.
Safeguarding Measures

Where items have been allocated to author groups, safeguarding measures will warn authors before starting to edit an item and upon saving changes made to an item. 

Before Edit

Authors will be met with a warning message if they want to start editing an item that a co-author of the author group is currently editing. 


If the author chooses to Continue, they risk that changes made by another author will be overwritten. Clicking on Back to assignment will bring the author back to the assignment. The warning message displays the name of the co-author that is currently editing the item.

Upon Save

Authors will see a warning message if they try to save a question that has been edited by another author in the meantime. Authors will generally receive the warning message to any changes (i.e. new questions have been added) made by another author to an item.


If the author checks the box and clicks on Confirm, changes made by another author will be overwritten. Clicking on Cancel will bring the author back to the editing mode of the question. If an author wants to see the changes made by another author, it is best to save their own changes and refresh the page.

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