Viewing and Exporting Grades

You can review the status of the marking process from the participant list on a flow.

The marking process when item-based marking is enabled is explained in more detail here.

When you have set up rubric-based marking, you can review this article for more information. 


  1. There are four different symbols for the status an assessment can be in:
    • Assessment_Info_4.pngNo assessments have been submitted.
    • Assessment_Info_3.pngThere are conflicting grades by assessors and the submitted assessments are reopened automatically. Assessors are automatically notified of this.
    • Assessment_Info_1.pngOne or more of the co-assessors have submitted a final grade, but one or more is missing. Click the symbol to overview the assessors and the submitted grades.
    • Assessment_Info_2.pngThe assessment has been submitted by the assessor(s) and is ready for export. If the assessor(s) wants to change their grade, as manager you can unlock the submitted grade by clicking on this symbol. This will unlock but not remove the already registered grade. 
  2. Grades that have been submitted.
  3. If enabled on a licence, you can set an alternative grade for one or more participants. This will override any grades that have been submitted by the marker(s). Licence administrators can set up alternative grades.
  4. If the box is ticked, grades will be displayed to the participants on a flow. Whether or not grades should be visible after the end of the marking period, can be set up through the Marking and Review settings. 

Exporting Grades

When all grades have been submitted, you can export them either to a file or directly to your student information system via an integration or using WISEflow's API

If you want to export the submitted grades to a file, click on Tools in the participant list on a flow.


This will bring you to an overview page with a list of all participants and the submitted grades. You can adjust the table by clicking on Three_stripe_icon.png to show / hide columns or export all (visible) data to a CSV file and includes data on submissions submitted within the Permission to hand in late period. Clicking on Export_to_file_icon.png will also give you the option to export to a CSV file (more information on CSV files). You can also print the table (Print_Icon.png).


Instant Export of Grades to SIS

The 'Instant export of grades' setting makes it possible to automatically export final grades directly to your Student Information System (SIS), when assessors have agreed on the final grade for any individual participant on a flow. This module works for any type of flow and can be set up through the Advanced tab of a flow.

In order for this setup to work correctly, WISEflow needs to be connected to a source to which to export. To find out more about connecting your Student Information System to WISEflow, review the articles in the section Integrations.

When the setting is enabled, assessors and reviewers will not notice a difference in how to assess and approve grades on participants' papers. However, when it is time for either reviewer or assessor to register the grades as the final assessment, the grade will also be instantly exported to and visible in any sources related to the graded participant. This will bypass you, by removing the need of the manager to export the grades manually after they have finally been submitted.

If you alter the setup of participants, assessors or their distribution after the marking period has started, Instant export to assessment will automatically turn itself off and no longer work for the flow. Then, only administrators will be able to export the grades. 

If Instant export of assessment is enabled after some assessments have already been submitted, the export will NOT be made when Instant Export of Assessment is enabled. Those exports will still need to be made manually by a manager, but all future assessments will be exported as soon as the grade has been submitted.

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