Using the Assignment Viewer in FLOWlock

On FLOWlock flows, you can annotate or comment on the assignment in the assignment viewer. Opening the assignment in a new tab will provide you with a full PDF reader which allows for annotations on the assignment.

FLOWlock-Open assignment in new tab.png

The assignment viewer cannot be used on iPads as assignments cannot be opened in a new tab there.

Any annotations and comments that have been made will be saved even if the internet connection is lost during the exam as these are saved on your computer. It will not be possible to access annotated assignments if you have to switch to a different computer / laptop during the exam.

Annotations will not be shown when viewing or opening the assignment solely in the main lockdown view where you can compose your answer.

FLOWlock-Open assignment.png

You have various options to annotate the assignment, make comments in the assignment viewer or, when in view mode, copy text from the assignment and paste it into the text editor in the lockdown browser: 


1. General Navigation


  1. If an assignment consists of several pages, a panel view lets you quickly jump to other pages.


  2. Change the page transition, orientation or layout.


  3. Zoom in or out in the assignment.


  4. Select text in the assignment. Either click on Select_icon.jpg or switch to viewing mode (View_mode.jpg) to select the relevant text passage. You can then copy the text (shortcuts or via the icon Copy_icon.jpg) or quickly highlight, underline or strike through text (Assignment_Viewer_Edit_text.png).
2. Annotate and Comment

You can annotate the assignment with the following features:


  1. Highlight, underline, strike through or underline text.
  2. Include a note on the assignment.
  3. Include text on the assignment.
  4. Include rectangle.
  5. Include free hand highlights.
  6. View presets or change color of annotations.
  7. Undo or redo changes.
  8. Erase annotations or comments.

You can also include shapes on your assignment.


When you include an annotation or shape on your assignment, you then have the option to include a comment, change the style or delete the annotation again (Assignment_Action_buttons.png).

3. Search for Words and Through Comments
You can either search for keywords in the assignment Search_assignment_icon.png or search through comments that you have already made Search_comments_icon.png.  When searching for keywords, you can decide whether the search should be case sensitive or applied to a whole word. You can adjust the size of the search results by dragging the border to the left or right. If the results should be hidden from view, simply click on Search_assignment_icon.png. Delete your input in the search field if you would like to remove the highlighted text.

The icon for the assignment viewer is located in the top right-hand side of the screen as shown in the image below. It is different from the one provided by the lockdown browser which is located on the browser tab in the top right of the screen.


When searching through comments, you can also filter your comments by types (highlighted, underlined text, shapes, etc.) or by the colors of your annotations. You can also sort your comments by position, time, status, author, type or color.

Filter_Comments.png Sort_Comments.png

To get a better overview of all your comments, you can also drag the border to the left or, to make the view less prominent, to the right. Click on Search_comments_icon.png if the search results should be hidden from view entirely. Please note that any filters or sorting you have previously set up will still be visible when you reopen the comment section. 


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