Similarity Report Submission Look Up

WISEflow users with the supporter role have access to a submission lookup tool which can be used to find the owner of a submitted piece of work. It can be especially helpful when viewing the sources of a similarity report where one of the sources is a previously submitted paper from the same WISEflow licence. Although this functionality is included as part of the supporter and extended supporter roles, it is also a separate permission that can added on its own to any other role. It is likely to be useful for assessors and/or managers depending on your institution's business processes.

Searches can be made on either the Submission ID (created by uploading a file from the participant's computer) or a File ID (created by uploading a file from Dropbox).  

Finding the Submission ID

The submission ID is visible in two different places within WISEflow.

  • It can be viewed by the manager of a flow by accessing the log for the relevant participant within the Participation Monitor. Here it is called the PaperID (not yet a submission) and will be visible in parenthesis for the log event when the participant submitted their assignment.


  • Paper IDs can also be accessed from within Ouriginal (formerly Urkund) and Turnitin similarity reports.

Using the Submission Lookup Tool

To use the Submission lookup tool, access the Support tab and then the Tools sub-tab. Then click on the Go to submission lookup button. This will open a new page where you will be able to enter a submission ID and the relevant information for this paper and its owner will be shown.


When you have entered a submission ID, you will be able to view further information related to that paper.


  1. Search: This button will be available to click, as soon as you enter any number into the search field.
  2. Submission: Here you will be able to see the files that make up the student's submission. This means both the submitted assignment and any appendix files will be available here. An option to preview the file is available by clicking on the eye icon or to download by clicking the download button next to the eye.
  3. General information: This section contains information regarding the flow where the paper was submitted on, as well as group information (if relevant). An option to log in as the manager on the flow is also available here.
  4. Participants: This part contains information related to participants who submitted the paper. This list can contain multiple participants if it is a group paper. An option to log in as the participants directly on the flow is also available here.
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