Form a Group and Submit a Group Paper

When you are allowed to submit as part of a group, it will be clearly stated so in the middle of the participant view. You can either decide to form a group with other participants on the flow or, if you want to submit individually, choose to create a one-person group.

The general process how files can be uploaded and submitted is explained in another article.


1. Form a Group
  1. Click Form group
  2. Give your group a name. If the exam is anonymous (set by the manager), the name will not be visible to the marker(s).
  3. Add participants on the flow that you want to add to your group. You can also search for participants. Only participants that are not already part of a group can be found and added.


Once you have formed the group, you can see all of the group members and whether they have accepted your invitation.


Group_with_group_paper.png Group with group submission indicates that a member of the group will have to upload and submit something on behalf of the entire group. All current group members will have access to either submit or withdraw this work.

Group_with_individual_papers.png Group with individual submissions indicates that each group member must upload and submit their individual paper while still being part of a group.

By clicking Invite participants, you can always invite more participants to join your group. Only participants that are not already part of a group can be found and added.


You will only be able to make any submissions when all of your invitations have either been accepted or declined.


2. Create One-Person Group

If you want to submit on your own, you can also create a one-person group. By clicking on Create_one-person_group.png, a group with you as the only member will be automatically created.


You can always remove yourself from the one-person group by clicking on Three_stripe_icon.png or invite other participants to join your group.

3. Invitations

If you have been invited by one or multiple groups, you will see these invitations on the flow page. You can decide to accept or decline these invitations. You will only be able to submit something if you accept a group invitation, form your own group or create a one-person group. By hovering over the group name, you will be able to see the name of the participant that has invited you into the group.


Once you have accepted an invitation, the group details as well as the option to upload and make a submission will become available to you. If you decline an invitation, the participant who had invited you, will be made aware of this on their flow page.


All members of a group can remove participants from the group by clicking on Three_stripe_icon.png. All accepted members of a group, participants where an invitation is still pending or has been declined can be removed from a group. If you remove yourself as the last member from a group, the group and any material that has already been handed will be deleted as well.

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