Internet Connection Requirements and Web Browsers

In addition to the information here, please also review minimum requirements (e.g. operating system, memory or hard disk space) in this article.

Internet Connection

WISEflow is a SaaS solution which requires a stable internet connection. Besides the uploading and downloading of files as assignments and submissions which are determined by the usage of the user/institution, WISEflow itself is rather lightweight in terms of bandwidth requirements; as low as 5/1 Mbps would be sufficient.

FLOWlock and FLOWmulti

Certain tools in WISEflow are based on single page functionality, which allows for lower requirements on network connectivity. The most important ones are exam flows based on FLOWlock or FLOWmulti. On those flow types, internet connection is only absolutely required at the time of the launch of the lockdown browser. When first the flow page has been initiated within the lockdown browser, it can show the assignment and allow for the participant to complete the flow even though the internet connection is temporarily or fully missing. Fall-back measures with encrypted local file backups are built-in features that ultimately lets the participant submit their work with a secured file upload after the flow has ended.

However, some features in FLOWlock/FLOWmulti cannot be maintained without a connection, such as providing external internet resources or the generation of appendix material in the appendix manager.

Web Browsers

We recommend using either Firefox or Chrome. These browsers ensure a better user interface experience and faster response times, and both browsers regularly update themselves.

However, the two latest major versions of the following browsers are supported by WISEflow:

Edge Legacy is not supported by WISEflow and Microsoft stopped releasing security updates for it in March 2021.

The major version is the first number in the browsers version and is usually found in the About section of the browser. The picture below is from About Chrome and in this case the major version is 87.


It is important to regularly update your browsers. This helps avoid them becoming a security risk as well as resolving issues as later versions often contain bug fixes.

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