Withdrawing Grades

It can happen that a grade that has been submitted as final needs to be changed by an assessor or reviewer.

Managers have the option to withdraw grades on a flow.

Withdraw Final Grades

You can withdraw a grade that has been finalised by an assessor or reviewer by going to the participant list of a flow and clicking on the Grade tab.


The column next to the grade shows the submission status for grades on the flow. (See Viewing and Exporting Grades to learn more about the different grade submission status).

You can withdraw the grade for individual participants by clicking on the rosette symbol Grade_finalised.png. This will enable the assessor / reviewer to make changes to the grade but it will not delete the grade entirely.

Assessors or reviewers will have to submit the grade again to finalise it. 

Alternative Grades

If an alternative grade has been erroneously submitted by an assessor, the manager can instead select an empty value.


Alternative grades cannot be withdrawn if the grade has been exported to a Student Information System (SIS).

Reset all Grades

It is also possible to reset grades for all participants. This can be done through the menu at the top of the flow page.


Resetting grades will delete grades for all participants on the flow. Assessors will have to insert all grades again and submit them.

Resetting grades on an Item-based marking FLOWmulti assessment

Read through the article Item-based Marking on FLOWmulti to understand how resetting grades works on an item-based marking set up (see Emergency Features > Reset Finalisation of Grades).

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