WISEflow Glossary

The glossary includes the most commonly used terms within WISEflow and incudes the Danish translation. A link to a relevant article is included against most terms but the translation to English should also help with searching for other articles within the Service Centre.

Danish English Description
adgangskode for deltagelse participation password Password used by participants to start a flow and submit their work (More info here)
adgangslink access link A URL that grants the user access to WISEflow without requesting username and password
(More info here)
administrativ bedømmelse alternative grade
A grade applied as an alternative to explain the absence of a final grade such as student absent, no show or student sick (More info here)
administrator manager Managers in WISEflow can create and configure flows within the system (More info here)
aflevere blankt blank submission

A submission that does not include any work
(More info here)

annotation annotation  Assessors can annotate a submission to provide focused feedback linked to specific locations within a document (More info here)
arkiv (arkiverede flow/flowarkiv) archive (archived flow/flow archive)

A flow is archived 30 days after the flow has been completed and can be found in the flow archive
(More info here)

bedømmelse marking The assessors evaluation of a submission
(More info here)
bedømmelsesform grading scale The scale used by assessors on a flow to grade participants' work (More info here)
bedømmelsesperiode marking period Period of time during which assessors, and if applicable reviewers, must complete the marking of participants' submissions on a flow
(More info here)
bedømmelsesvejledning marking guidance Added to a flow by an author or manager, files and/or links available for assessors and reviewers as guidance during the marking process
(More info here)
bedømmer assessor Person who evaluates and marks the work submitted by a participant (More info here)
bedømmergruppe assessor group A group of assessors who can assess the same participants or items. Allocated to participants or items as a group (More info here)
bedømmerværktøj marking tool The tool used by assessors to mark submissions and provide feedback (More info here)
CPR-nummer personal identification number A personal ID number issued to every citizen of a country
deltager participant Participants complete assessments within WISEflow and in most cases will be students or candidates (More info here)
direkte besked direct message Direct messages are announcement-like messages shown directly to all participants currently engaged on a flow (More info here)
eksporter bedømmelser export grades

Enables the manager to export final grades from WISEflow, for example, to a Student Information System (More info here)

eksterne ressourcer permitted internet resources Pre-approved web resources made available to participants whilst working within the lockdown browser
(More info here)
ekstramateriale appendix material
Additional material handed out to the participant that accompanies the actual assignment when creating a file based assignment in the legacy authoring tool
(More info here)
ekstramaterialeværktøjer appendix tool
A set of tools used by the participant to create and manage appendices to their submission for FLOWmulti or FLOWlock assessments
(More info here)
endelig bedømmelse final grade
The final assessment result recorded in the system after all assessors/reviewers have completed their marking and the final grade is confirmed; this can be exported from the system (More info here)
Enighed mellem medbedømmere marker agreement
A marking workflow where markers are required to confer and converge on an agreed final grade
(More info here)
feedbackindhold feedback sentiment
An automated word analysis of annotations and comments from assessors turned into a percentage score of positivity (100%) / negativity (0%) (More info here)
filbaseret opgave file-based assignment
Created in the legacy authoring tool, an assignment that contains a PDF file and may contain appendix material (More info here)
flow flow
The workflow/framework for an assessment: participants, assessors, invigilators, reviewers, managers, assignments, deadlines, settings, etc (More info here)
forfatter author
Creates assignments and/or rubrics in the authoring tool (More info here)
fælles besvarelse group submission
Single submission being completed and submitted by one person on behalf of a group of participants
(More info here)
gangvagt invigilator
Nominated person to oversee the running of the assessment via the participation monitor (More info here)
godkendt af reviewer reviewer approval
A marking workflow where a reviewer is required to approve the final grade (More info here)
indholdsbank content bank
Repository for content created by authors which incudes: items for FLOWmulti assignments, files for file-based assignments (legacy authoring tool only), matrices for standard rubrics or items for custom rubrics
(More info here)
individuel flowlængde timeboxing
Set an individual time period for completion of the flow within a longer general participation period, for example, participants have 3 hours to complete an assessment anytime within a 72 hour period
(More info here)
indsende submit
To enter and confirm a participant's completed exam or uploaded file, or an assessor's recommend grade (More info here)
karakter grade
The score or grade submitted by the assessor when marking participants' work (More info here)
karakteromregner grade scaler
The tool used to convert points or marks for example, from a rubric, into a grade or score
(More info here)
karakteroversigt marking overview
Enables assessors to see an overview of all their entered or submitted grades on a flow. Here they can also update and submit their final grades (More info here)
kriterier criteria
Define criteria within a standard rubric matrix against which assessors will rate participant performance (More info here)
licensadministrator licence administrator

Has the ability to configure some system level settings as well as add and manage system users
(More info here)

lockdown browser lockdown browser

Application used to provide a secure environment on the participant's device for the completion of locked-down WISEflow assessments (FLOWmulti or FLOWlock)
(More info here)

lokal kopi offline backup

A backup copy of the participant's work created in the event of connectivity issues (More info here)

matrix matrix

A table used to create a standard rubric with defined criteria (rows) and the rating (columns)
(More info here)

meddelelse message

Emails sent from WISEflow, scheduled to groups of users according to role (participant, assessor, etc.) or direct messages sent to all participants within the flow during the participation period (More info here)

meddelelsescenter message centre

Editor within WISEflow where messages are written, scheduled and sent (More info here)

medforfatter co-author

Two or more authors (co-authors) working in collaboration on the same content
(More info here)

nøgleord tag

Used within the legacy authoring tool, content (items, assignments and rubrics) can be associated with tags that can be used to search for or filter content
(More info here)

offline bedømmelse offline marking

Marking activity that takes place outside of WISEflow (More info here)


An opportunity for the same participant submission to be marked again by either the same or different assessor(s) (More info here)

omslag cover sheet

The front page of a submission, created automatically within WISEflow, containing configurable information such as participant name, exam ID, participation period, assessor details, etc (More info here)

omslagsfelter cover sheet fields

Data fields configured to be displayed on the cover sheet with additional field options for customisation (More info here)

opgave assignment

Created by an author/author group in the authoring tool, the assignment contains the content the participant must complete for their assessment; either a FLOWmulti assignment or file-based assignment (legacy tool only)
(More info here)


Created by a manager in FLOWoral when utilising a slot for default slots or breaks

(More info here)

point marks

Numerical credit awarded for a question, item or assignment prior to it being confirmed as a final grade (More info here)

progressionsoversigt marking overview

Tool used by managers to monitor marking progress in either item-based marking, rubric-based marking or FLOWseries (portfolio)
(More info here)

publicere/publiceret publish/published

Rubrics must be published in the authoring tool to be shared with others or attached to flows; assignments are also published using the legacy authoring tool
(More info here)

relationssøgning relational search

Tool enabling managers to conduct a cross-flow user search (More info here)

reviewer reviewer Assigned to a flow to oversee the marking process and agree final grades if required
(More info here)
rubric rubric A structured set of criteria used to assess student performance (More info here)
rubrikbaseret bedømmelse rubric-based marking A workflow that supports assessors being assigned to individual rubrics (More info here)
sektion item An item is a placeholder for content e.g. questions, text, audio or video used to create FLOWmulti assignments or custom rubrics
(More info here)
sektionsbaseret bedømmelse item-based marking A workflow that supports assessors being assigned to individual items for marking
(More info here)
semester term A period of time during the academic year which can be specified for a flow
(More info here)
spørgsmål question The smallest entity of an assignment with 52 different question types available; questions can be stand alone or grouped into items and multiple items can be used to create an assignment
(More info here)
standard rubric standard rubric A matrix can be created to display a set of criteria used to assess student performance
(More info here)
on-site assessment An assessment conducted online but the participant attends a designated location such as an exam hall and are often called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 
student information system (SIS) student information system (SIS) An example of such a system is the Danish Stads
(More info here)
supporter support A supporter is able to view other user's accounts and flows to help troubleshoot and offer support
(More info here)
systemkrav system requirements The minimum system requirements required for WISEflow activity such as running the lockdown browser (More info here)
tekstlighed similarity Measurement displayed as a percentage within WISEflow, based on the level of content matched to other sources (via Turnitin); this could be an indication of plagiarism (More info here)
similarity analysis The similarity analysis is completed by the plagiarism detection software service
(More info here)
tekstlighedsrapport similarity report Report describing the outcome of the similarity analysis (More info here)
tildelt allocation Assigning resources within WISEflow such as assessors to participants, rubrics to assessors and items to assessors (More info here)
tilgængelighed accessibility Ensuring the design of WISEflow enables access by all users regardless of their needs e.g. colours, fonts and compatibility with voice readers to assist the visually impaired (More info here)
tilknyttet forfatter associated author An author associated with a flow to enable the attachment of assignments and supporting material (More info here)
tilpasset rubric custom rubric A bespoke rubric designed without the confines of a matrix using any question type within the authoring tool (More info here)
vurdering rating Define the ratings within a standard rubric matrix which assessors will use to rate participant performance (More info here)
værktøj tool Can be added to an item to be made available to the participant when completing the assignment such as a protractor or a calculator
(More info here)
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