Release March 2023

Adjustments, Improvements & Maintenance

New API Endpoints

New Licence Settings

Malware Scanning Service

Language Improvements

Refreshing the Lockdown Browser

Search Functionality in Lockdown Browser Navigation (for Windows only)

Improved Assignment Preview for Participants


Show Image Count for Facial Comparison

Set Attendance Status in Bulk

Show Participation Monitor in Fullscreen Mode

Device Monitor (Closed Beta)


Add an E-Mail Address as Supporting Material

Facial Comparison: Continuous Use or Capturing Image to Gain Flow Access


New Marking Tool (Beta version)


Lockdown Browser Versions

The lockdown browser versions for Windows (incl. Lab version) and MacOS had been updated on 11 January 2023. Therefore, it is not necessary to update the lockdown browser versions with the coming March 2023 release. The most up to date versions are:
Windows (incl. Lab version):

These versions have been required since 10 February.


Release Webinar Recording

fs-icon-video.png Recording from the Release Webinar


invigilation.png Invigilation

Show Image Count for Facial Comparison

A new column has been added to the participation monitor which shows the total count of images taken throughout a flow where facial comparison (formerly facial recognition) is enabled. 

The article Participation Monitor and Invigilation Features explains this invigilation feature in more detail.

Set Attendance Status in Bulk

As well as setting the attendance status for participants individually, invigilators and managers will now be able to set all participants to present or absent in the participation monitor of a flow. It is also possible to clear the attendance status for all participants.


Show Participation Monitor in Full Screen Mode

For a better overview of participants and their participation progress on a flow, invigilators and managers can display the participation monitor in full screen mode.


The article Participation Monitor and Invigilation Features explains all of the settings and functionalities in the participation monitor in more detail.

Device Monitoring (Closed Beta)

UNIwise is developing a new application which makes it possible to monitor participants' activity on sit-in exams. Participants are required to download and install a client on their devices in order for the monitor to capture screenshots during a flow. The WISEmonitor can be used with the following flow types:

  • FLOWassign
  • FLOWhandin
  • FLOWlock without lockdown browser

The feature is released in closed beta for designated customers. 

We expect to finalise and take WISEmonitor out of beta during autumn 2023. It will then be available for all customers as an additional payable service based on usage.

managing_.png Managing

Add an Email Address as Supporting Material

In addition to adding a link as supporting material for participants, assessors or reviewers, managers can  also include email addresses. Instead of adding a URL, managers can add an email address by inserting mailto: followed by the email address. Participants, assessors and reviewers will be automatically led to their chosen email program when clicking on the link.


For more information on adding other material, also review the article on Managing Assignments, Cover Sheets and Other Material.

Facial Comparison: Continuous Use or Capturing Image to Gain Flow Access

Facial comparison (formerly facial recognition) can be enabled on FLOWlocks or FLOWmultis as an invigilation feature using the participation setting. It will now be possible to have a more granular control of this feature. If a manager decides to use facial comparison on a FLOWlock or FLOWmulti, it will now be possible to decide whether:

  1. participants will only be prompted to take an image to gain access to a flow; or
  2. participants will have to take an image to gain access to a flow and images will be taken at random intervals throughout the flow.


All flow specific participation settings are explained in the article Participation and Advanced Settings.

marking.png Marking

New Marking Tool (Beta version)

After the marking tool was released last November in beta status for FLOWassign, FLOWhandin and FLOWlock flow types, it will now be possible for users to familiarise themselves with the marking tool layout and functionalities on all flow types.

The new marking tool will align the feedback functionalities across flow types. While assessors have to open feedback that has been shared with them by co-assessor in a separate page in the current marking tool, it will be possible to review shared comments, annotations or rubrics directly in the new marking tool layout.   

Improvements have been made to support a better marking experience for FLOWmulti flow types and align the annotation features and functionalities which are already available on FLOWassign, FLOWhandin and FLOWlock flow types. It will be possible to annotate and comment directly on all question types used for FLOWmulti assignments. At the same time, scores and annotations have been separated from each other, making it possible for assessors to award points to manually scorable questions without having to create an annotation at the same time. 

As the new marking tool is still a work in progress, we recommend setting up test flows to explore the functionality that have been added in the past months. Our attention to enhancing the new marking tool will continue in the coming months and we expect to release this out of beta status in August.

The current marking tool will still be the default tool for assessors whereby managers will have to manually enable the use of the new marking tool in the Marking and review settings for a flow. Once enabled at the flow level, the new marking tool will be the chosen method for all assigned assessors on the flow.

As work made in the new marking tool cannot be carried over to the current marking tool and vice versa, we advise to not change the setting when the (individual) marking period has started on a flow.

After March 3, we will also make articles available to all users that will give a more detailed look at the different features and functionalities that can be used in the new marking tool. These articles will continuously be updated as work on the marking tool continues in the coming months. The articles can be found in the section Using the New Marking Tool.



improvements.png Adjustments, Improvements & Maintenance

New API Endpoints

API endpoints are continuously released to the production system, independent of the general release cycle for features and functionalities. An up to date list of API endpoints can be found here. An icon will determine whether these endpoints have already been released to the production system (Released.png) or will be coming soon (To_be_released.png). In the future, you will be able to subscribe to this page to be informed on any new API endpoints that are being released.

There are several articles explaining the WISEflow API; the technical documentation on the API endpoints can be found here.

New Licence Settings

Participants cannot submit their work once the end of the participation period has been reached but for FLOWassign and FLOWhandin flows, it is possible to create an additional timeframe within which late submissions are accepted. Until now, the time had to be set for individual flows but with the release it will be possible to set a default time for the entire licence. 

Grades can be automatically exported to a connected student information system when a grade is finalised and submitted by the assessor(s). So far, this option had to be activated on individual flows but it will now be possible to activate instant export of grades as a default for an entire licence. 

Please reach out to the Support team if one of these licence settings should be enabled on your licence. 

Malware Scanning Service

In order to minimise the risk of infected files being uploaded by participants in FLOWassign or FLOWhandin flows, it will be possible to have the submitted files scanned and quarantine infected files and flag them for users. If a malicious file has been detected amongst the submissions, it will not be possible to view or download this file for users within WISEflow. Additionally, affected participants and managers of the flow will receive a message that file(s) have been identified for quarantine. This will allow managers to contact participant(s) to resolve the situation. 

This service can be added as a licence setting but comes at an additional cost for interested customers. Please contact UNIwise for further information and pricing options.

Language Improvements

After we made changes to the English terminology and language with the March 2022 release, the German terminology has been reviewed and was updated to align with the English language changes. Most of the terms have been refined to better describe the feature / functionality behind it, more information can be found here. 

Refreshing the Lockdown Browser

When participants refresh the lockdown browser during a lockdown exam, they will be able to continue working. Previously, participants had been prompted to enter passwords to continue with their work on a FLOWmulti exam.

Search Functionality in Lockdown Browser Navigation (for Windows only)

The new lockdown browser version for Windows (see above) brought a new functionality which enables users with a Windows operating system to find text in responses formulated in the text editor for FLOWlock exams, or on items in a FLOWmulti assignment.

The known search functionality inside FLOWlock exams is still available in addition to the new search functionality described above and can be used by MAC users as well.

Using search functionality in a flow with the lockdown browser is also explained in more detail in the article on Lockdown Browser: Tools and Features.

Improved Assignment Preview for Participants

On FLOWassign, FLOWhandin and FLOWlocks (without the lockdown browser), participants can now preview any attached assignment in a new tab and and comment or annotate directly on the provided document. Any annotations and comments will be saved so that participants can use them when revisiting the assignment. The assignment will now be shown on the right hand side of the flow page, also displaying any name that the manager has allocated to an assignment. The left hand side displays general instructions, including the information if any passwords are used on FLOWlocks without the lockdown browser.


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