Malware Scanning Service - Files Quarantined

Institutions can choose to have all files submitted to WISEflow by participants, scanned for malware. The malware scanning service scans all files uploaded to FLOWhandin, FLOWassign and FLOWlock flows to check for malicious content. The files are scanned once the work is submitted; files are not scanned at the point of uploading. If found to be harmful, the file is placed into quarantine and can no longer be downloaded from the system by any user.

When files are placed into quarantine, both the participant who submitted the file and the manager(s) of the flow are notified by email.

Once submitted files have been quarantined, the participants will be unable to preview or download their submitted file(s) and assessors will not be able to access or mark the submission. As a manager on the flow, it will not be possible to download the affected file(s) from the list of participants as the image below shows:



Very large files over 2GB may take a couple of minutes to be processed by the scanning service. Caution is therefore advised when working with large files immediately after submission. Zip files which are larger than 4GB cannot be scanned by the service.

It is not possible for anyone other than the participant to withdraw and delete the affected file(s). If the flow has been set whereby participants can withdraw their submission at any time prior to the end of the participation period, they can use the Withdraw submission button to take down the submission in the usual way, as long as the submission deadline has not passed.


Once the participant has withdrawn their submission, they will be able to delete the affected and upload an alternative file.


If the No withdrawal of submission setting has been enabled on the flow, or the participation period has ended, it will be the institution's policy regarding student assessment that will determine whether a participant be allowed to upload an alternative file.

The manager can withdraw the participant's work on their behalf by clicking on the submission or blank submission icon against a participant in the list at the bottom of the flow page.


The participant will then be able to delete the file as previously described above. If the participation period has ended but it has been agreed that the participant can submit again, the submission deadline can be extended.


To enable the Malware Scanning Service, the module FLOWMalwareScan will need to be added to your licence and will attract a fee. Please reach out to UNIwise for further information.

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