Rescoring Submissions Based on Author Changes to Scoring or Validation

It is not possible to use this functionality on item-based assignments that have been created in the Legacy Author tool as scoring/validation changes can only be made on flow versions.

Scoring or validation errors can be hard to detect while authoring an assignment. Although such errors do not affect participation in a flow they can have an effect on the marking process.

It is possible for authors to make changes to question scoring and/or validation within a flow version of an assignment even if it is already in use on an ongoing flow. The article Adjusting Scoring or Validation of Flow Version Items (Item Versions) discusses this in more detail. You can then subsequently apply these changes to participant submissions, if necessary.

If an author has made validation changes to a question but rescoring has not yet been performed by a manager, the validation changes will be visible to assessors and reviewers within the marking tool and could cause confusion.

If scoring/validation errors are detected or suspected during the marking period for a flow, the marking process should be paused to enable the assignment author to examine the attached flow version and, if required, make the required scoring/validation change(s) to the affected item version(s). If changes are made by the author, the manager should then perform rescoring of the current participant submissions based on the change(s). Once both of those steps are completed, the marking process can then be resumed.

Principles on Rescoring

You are able to perform a rescore of current participant submissions for an item version as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The general participation deadline for the flow has passed
  • There are no finalised grades on the flow. If any grades are finalised, these will need to be unlocked/reset to enable rescoring to be performed
  • The item version containing the scoring/validation error(s) must have at least one item modification made by an author
  • There are no pending rescores for the related item version

If the same flow version is used on multiple flows, rescores will only affect the participants on the flow where the rescore is conducted. If changes to an item version have to be applied to all flows where that flow version is used as an assignment, managers need to run a rescore for each individual flow.

Please note that rescoring only works retrospectively i.e. it will only apply to participants who have submitted their work at the time the rescoring is applied. For example, if a rescore has been initiated after the end of the general participation period, participants with a later individual submission deadline who have not yet submitted will not have their submission adjusted by the rescore. If in doubt, it is best to perform a rescore once all participants on a flow have submitted to ensure that author changes to scoring/validation will be applied to all participant submissions.

It is possible to rescore the same item version several times on a flow. The rescore will only take effect on participant submissions where the scoring/validation is not aligned with the author changes to the item version.

Accessing Assignment Details

Once an author has made and saved changes to the flow version, you are able to perform a rescore for the effected item version(s). You need to access the assignment under the tab To be handed out, click on Manage assignments and then on Assignment details.


There you will see a list of all items (item versions) that make up the flow version of the assignment. The column Latest item update includes a timestamp indicating when the item version received its latest change by an author. The eye icon alongside it allows you to preview the item version and, if necessary, check the scoring and/or validation of the questions it contains.


The column Item modifications indicates if an item version has been modified by an author with a number showing how many saves have been made (a single save of an item version could consist of several modifications - for example a change to the validation of the question as well as its points value) by an author.


Performing a Rescore

Rescoring can only be performed on one item version at a time and not for all item versions in bulk. This has the advantage that not all changes that have been made on a flow version need to be applied as rescoring can occur selectively.

When clicking on the rescore button (circular arrow) at the right-hand side of an item version, you need to confirm that all current participant submissions should be rescored against the latest author scoring/validation changes.


Once confirmed, the system will rescore all current participant submissions. It is not possible to run another rescore for an item version whilst its rescoring status is classed as 'pending'.


You can refresh the rescoring status for an item version that is pending by clicking the Refresh scoring status button located above the table of item versions. Once rescoring has been performed for an item version, its rescoring count will increase by one and the rescoring status will state Completed.


On flows set up with item-based marking where items are set to be auto-scored by the system rather than allocated to an assessor, changes to the scoring for item versions can be viewed in the Marking overview.

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