Adjusting Scoring or Validation of Flow Version Items (Item Versions)

It is not possible to use this functionality on item-based assignments that have been created in the Legacy Author tool as scoring/validation changes can only be made on flow versions.

Scoring or validation errors can be hard to detect while authoring an assignment. Although such errors do not affect participation in a flow they can have an effect on the marking process.

It is possible for you to make changes to question scoring and/or validation within flow versions of an assignment even if it is already in use on an ongoing flow. Managers will be able to subsequently apply these changes to participant submissions, if necessary. More information on the rescoring processes from a manager's side can be found in the article Rescoring Submissions Based on Author Changes to Scoring or Validation

If errors are spotted before the participation period begins, it is recommended that you make the required changes to the main assignment and create a new flow version which is then attached to the flow.

In order for a manager to perform rescoring of participant submissions, you first need to make the required scoring/validation changes to the required item(s) within the flow version that is attached to that specific flow. The flow version and reference code can be seen by managers on the tab titled To be handed out or, if you are an associated author, under Associated Flows

Go to your assignment list and open the assignment. Then go to your version list and open the flow version that requires the scoring/validation changes.


Editing an Item Version within a Flow Version

Changes made to flow versions will not be applied to the master assignment from which they were created. Any scoring or validation changes that have been applied to flow versions must also be made to the master assignment to ensure that any future flow versions do not contain the same scoring/validation errors.

Most of the flow version still remains unchangeable (e.g. question stem, answer options, item settings, etc.) Clicking on the pencil icon next to an item version will enable you to access the item to make scoring/validation changes.


To ensure that item versions are not edited in error, it is necessary to confirm that you would like to modify the item in order to proceed to make scoring/validation changes.


The functionality of the question editor, while reduced, will be similar to the one used for editing assignments. The article Using the Question Editor for FLOWmulti Assignments explains all functionality in more detail.

Please note that navigation between items (1) is disabled on flow versions. You need to go back to the flow version (2) to navigate to another item version.


Editing a Question Within an Item Version

For questions that can be auto-scored, it is possible to make changes to the correct answers (validation) and/or the points value:


  1. It is possible to preview any changes that have been applied before saving
  2. Add alternative answer options
  3. Adjust the point value given for the correct answer or answer options
  4. Change the answer option(s) or values

In addition, it is possible to change scoring information under More options.

Auto-scorable Questions Non-autoscorable Questions


For any question type that can be auto-scored, it is possible to make changes to the score or disable auto scoring for the question (1) or add/modify assessment guidance, comments for authors or, where applicable, distractor rationale (2).

Once you have made the required changes, you need to save the question and again confirm you want to make changes to the item version.


Item Version Modification Count

When you have saved changes on the item version, you can return to the overview of the flow version. The column Modification Count displays the number of author modifications (saves) for an item version.

A single save of an item version could consist of several modifications (for example a change to the validation of the question as well as its points value).

If applicable, changes to the maximum score for an item version will be visible in the Max. score column and changes to the maximum points for the flow version will be visible at the top left above the table of item versions. 

An item version must have at least one author modification to enable a manager to perform rescoring on participant submissions for that item version.


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