Creating a Flow

Only users with the managing role can create new flows. By clicking on Create_flow_button.png at the top right of the corner, you will be brought to the flow creation page. 


  1. The three-striped symbol next to the create button gives you the option to create a single flow or a Flowcombine or FLOWseries.
  2. Choose the source:
No source selected WISEflow SIS

You will create a flow from scratch.


  1. Enter a title for the flow. This field is mandatory when creating a new flow.
  2. Add a subtitle. 
  3. Select the flow type that suits the needs of the exam. Note that the flow type cannot be changed after a flow has been created. Review the Key Concepts in WISEflow in the article about the different flow types.
  4. When you have entered a title and selected a flow type, the button Create flow can be selected. 

Copying a Flow

In addition to creating a flow and using an existing flow in WISEflow as the source data, it is also possible for a manager to copy a flow directly from within the flow.


You can then select the information you wish to be copied to the flow:


Flow settings

  • Settings
  • Dates
    • Start date for participants
    • End date for participants
    • Start of marking period
    • End of marking period
  • Cover sheet
    • An identical cover sheet will be created including any customised fields


  • Participants
  • Assessors
  • Managers
  • Authors
  • Reviewers
  • Invigilators

Relation Settings

  • Groups
    • Any groups of participants will be created including the group names
  • Assigned assessors
    • The allocation of assessors to participants is copied
  • Assigned reviewers
    • The allocation of reviewers to participants is copied


  • Assignments
    • Assignments and any appendix material is copied
  • Individual assignments
  • Additional assessment material
  • Rubrics
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